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Monday, 20 January 2020

January 20, 2020



Hi Guys, In this article you will get 150+ Free Completed Aia Project files for Thunkable. So, These all files are designed with the partnership of "How Looks". I hope you will appreciate our hard work. Thanks for visiting "Syed Badshah Offcial"

Top Highlighted Features:-
3.High Quality

These all Aia Project Files Are Free Of Cost. Syed Badshah Official & How Looks Don't Charge Anything For Downloading These Aia Project Files.

In This Package You Will Get 150+ Free Aia Project Files For Thunkabel. Included Earning Apps, Calculator, WhatsApp Video Status Earning App & Much More Free Projects.

3.High Quality:-
These All Aia Project Files Are In High Quality & Upgraded With Google Play Store Privacy Policy.

4.Professional Look:-
All Aia Project Files Are Look Much Professional & Decent. So, You Don't Need To Edit These Files.


Friday, 17 January 2020

January 17, 2020



About Cinematic Sound Effect Pack (SFX):-
Hi guys in this article I am going to give you free sound effect pack for your videos by using this soundtrack pack you can make your videos more awesome and cinematic please keep in mind that these SFX Pack are Free of Copyright now you don't have to take intense of the copyright issue should download this file from the given download below and if you want to add this file you simply need to download this file and open any video editor then simply use your favourite music ok and put your music behind your video and that's it you are ready your video is ready click on the download button below thanks.

Top Highlighted Features:-
1.Copyright Policy.

1.Copyright Policy:-
If you are going to download this file from our website. Then, you don't need to take intense of copyright issue. All things on this website is free of copyright. It means that this SFX Pack have (0) Copyright. You can easily use this pack in any of your social media platform.

This SFX Pack is free of cost. You don't need to buy or pay to download this pack.

As you all know that Syed Badshah Official makes everything perfect with awesome quality. So, this SFX Pack is also High Quality (HQ) File.

This Package Includes:-
1.Background Musics
2.Horror SFX Pack
3.Sound SFX Pack

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Monday, 13 January 2020

January 13, 2020

Free Intro Template For Wondershare Filmora 9 | 2019


Hi, Friends I wanna drive you in this article, and you'll be able to see people inside this article, and you will be given a template file that you guys will find. You can make great and useful intro for your YT videos, to make this intro you can see the video below, plus you were very fantastic. By doing so, you can even crawl your own intro and watch the video below to learn more and download them.



If you want to edit this Intro Template you just need a video editing software.
1. Download This Intro Template & Open It In Your Editing Software Like Filmora, Adobe Premiere CC e.t.c
2. Just Drag & Drop Your Logo. That You Want To Put Into.
3. Now Just Type The Text Or Your YT Channel Name Below The LOGO.
4. Just Simply Export Your Intro & Feel Free To Use This Anywhere.
5. Note That This Intro File Contains Free Background Audio. So, You Don't Need To Put Audio In It.

No This Intro Template Is Free To Use, You Can Use This File Anywhere. "(Creative Commons 0 License)"



Monday, 6 January 2020

January 06, 2020

How To Play Two Songs At Once On Single Handsfree For Android

How To Play Two Songs At Once On Single Handsfree For Android

About This:-
Hi Guys, In this article I am going to tell you about a very simple & normal application with enables you to play 2 different songs on a single Handsfree or Headphone. As you all guys know that this feature is not available in built-in Stock Android or Custom Android. But, An app comes in the market that allows you to turn on this awesome feature.

How To Use:-
You simply need to download android app from our given download link & then simply install in your android smartphone. Then just simply open the app & their you will see 2 portions one is for "Left" side & second one is for "Right" side of earphone. Then, simply add your favorite music adios into the play then play & enjoy. You will also see a volume slider so that you can adjust the volume as much you need.

About This App:-
App Size: 4.4MB
Total Downloads: 100,000+
People Reviews: 998+
Rating: 4.3 / Everyone
Offered By:  Giulio Dellorbo
Last Updated On: 19 December 2019
Current Version: 4.1

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Thursday, 2 January 2020

January 02, 2020

TikTok Girl 'Hareem Shah' Appear With The Politicians Of PTI? | Who Is Hareem Shah? | Hareem Shah Scandel

Hareem Shah: TikTok Girl Appear With The Politicians Of PTI? | Who Is Hareem Shah? | Hareem Shah Scandel

His photographs were first made inside a government office in Islamabad and he became a fan of the news. Remember that it is not easy for a common man in Pakistan to access the interior of a high government office without special invitation. The question that was being asked at that time too was:

Who is Hareem Shah in the end?
A few months later, Hareem Shah is in the news again. On Sunday, the social networking site posted a hashtag #HareemShahScandal on Twitter, and once again on Monday, his name appeared in Trends.

The main reason was the video, which he allegedly released from his Twitter account two days ago but was removed a few hours later. However, that video is still available on social media.

This video was allegedly a recording of every video call. In this, Harem Shah is apparently heard video chatting with a federal minister.

In response to this, Harem Shah accuses them of falling into the category of sexual harassment, if true. The person on the other side ends the call.

What happened after the video came out?
Since then personal photos of Harem Shah have been circulating on social media. In this, they can be seen sitting in a room with a man as if he is sitting on a chair and Harem is sitting on his leg. His face, however, has been hidden.

On Monday, the recording of another audio call was circulated on Twitter, which allegedly could be heard in a conversation with a minister in the Punjab province of Harem Shah.

The focus of the conversation in this call is the incident when Harem Shah and his accomplice Sandal Khattak were seen making video with journalist Mubashir Luqman on the plane.

In the recording of the call shared on Twitter, a man identified as a provincial minister belonging to the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf can be heard using a Nazi language about a journalist. He urges Harim Shah not to talk to anyone on the media.

'She's going to become another Kandel Baloch'
In the debate on Twitter, some users have even talked about the safety of Harimat Shah, while some users have warned them by comparing them with Kandel Baloch.
Journalist Owais Mangalawala wrote: 'Some wise person met Harimam Shah and explained to him. They are on their way to becoming the next Kandel Baloch. ”

However, many consumers seem to be asking, 'Who is Harimam Shah and who is the ruling party of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf with ministers and politicians?
One user, Hafiz Khilji, wrote: 'This is a shame for us. These girls are constantly spreading videos of state ministers. It is surprising that all the scandals belong to PTI leaders.

Why Pakistan PTI?
Harem Shah first appeared as 'TikTok Girl'. She identified herself in that regard.

Harem Shah has released photos and videos of himself through his Twitter and Talk Talk accounts in which he has appeared with various PTI politicians in various public and non-governmental places.

Some time ago, photos and videos of the Parliament Lodges allotted to members of Parliament in Islamabad were also revealed.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf has already said that it does not hold any office within the party. However, she has gained access to many events and offices by portraying herself as a PTI activist.

'Who is Harem Shah?'
A prominent woman member of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) spoke to the BBC on the condition of anonymity. He said that the impression that Harem Shah had a special status at the party level or had any influence.
'There is no way, they are reaching out to politicians and ministers by taking advantage of being their woman and being beautiful. Men are just like you know in our society. '

Harem Shah is reportedly speaking to local media and also on social media claiming that 'he has videos or secrets of several other ministers that he could disclose if they were tried to harm him. . '

The PTI woman said, 'It is not necessary for them to be truthful and they have no videos but men (ministers or politicians) are scared. Everyone loves their honor. '
In his view, 'it is possible that some weakness of these men is in his hands'.

'Why is a woman so central to morality?'
Harem Shah's videos and photos have also been criticized on Twitter, and talks are taking place in the character category. However, some are also asking the question, 'Why is a woman the center of such matters?'

One user, Ahmed Abbas Butt, wrote: 'I am not talking about any character but why is the Harem's scandal trending? Why not the politicians involved? When questioning one's morals, why do we make women the center? '

Mukhtar Khan wrote that 'targeting Harem Shah is correct but no one is talking about these politicians. They should be removed from their ministries.'

'Both girls are innocent'
Social media has also been circulating pictures of his and his accomplice Sandal Khattak's identity cards and passports after the release of videos and photos of him by Harem Shah. Their real names and all other information are posted through them.

Many users on social media are also talking about their safety. Farah Raja, a user on Twitter wrote, 'Both girls are stupid / innocent in the Harimam scandal. They are completely unaware of the risks they are putting themselves in. One user advocate, Tahir Khan Vival, quoted the identity documents of the two girls as' it is only coincidence that Harem Shah yesterday threatened PTI with regard to videos and today his photographs, ID card and passport are on the Internet. There are leaks everywhere. '
The BBC contacted Harem Shah to discuss the matter but did not receive any response from his contact numbers.
January 02, 2020

Return Of Leading Flip Phones With Touch & Folding Screen In 2020

Motorola Razer: Delayed return of leading flip phone with touch and folding screen - 2020

Motorola manufacturer Motorola has announced the delay in the release of its new 'Razor' mobile phone. The Razer Sun is an updated version of the flip phone introduced in 2005 that can be folded off the screen.

Under the initial plan, this folding phone was supposed to be available for sale in the United States from December 26 and cost around US $ 1,500, but the project has now been delayed.

Lenovo says the razor's popularity is the main reason for the delay, and demand for new mobiles has surpassed its supply even before it came to market.

However, this is a clear example of the difficulties encountered in the early stages of folding phones being available in the market.

Motorola Company says the launch of the new mobile will not be 'too much', but the company has not announced a new date.

The BBC's Chris Fox has identified a few issues with its hardware after using Razer's 'prototype'.

He says the model will be adopted more in a fashion than a mobile.

Although the initial price of $ 1500 may seem a bit high, the price is still lower than the two larger folding phones already on the market, Samsung SF ($ 1980) and Huawei Mate X ($ 2600).

Samsung canceled its folding phone's launch in April this year when analysts reported that their device's screen was broken during the trial.

Huawei X also made a similar decision later. He said that after the problems facing Samsung, Huawei has also decided that they will do more experiments before bringing their Mate X model to market.

However, after some delays both models were made available for sale in the market. Samsung Fold was available in September this year while the Mate X was available in the market in November.

Folding phones are thought to play a role in the revival of smart phones market.

The Royal Corporation, a small California-based company, upset both of these big companies in the market when they unveiled their folding phone 'Flexspay' at an event held in Beijing in October 2018.

This phone has never been available for sale in the mass market nor has there been strong reviews.

BBC Click's Dawn Simmons used its developer version in January 2019. He says there were no apps available that matched the folding screen's changing position.

Other than a prototype copy of an event or an experimental handset in the office, I haven't seen a folding phone in the hands of anyone on the street or on the road.

Is this scenario ready to change in 2020?
CCS Insight analyst Benwood is optimistic about this.

He says folding phones have their own problems, as they are significantly more fragile than the phones that came before them, but the demand for the Razer market and the pre-sale Samsung sales figures for the initial Samsung. Numbers show that consumers are interested in them.

"I'm convinced that the effects of flexible display technology will be widespread not just on smart phones," Benwood told me.

The day is not far when we will see smart speakers whose screens are wrapped around them. '

Benwood believes that next year we will see a new lot of folding tools.

I will definitely keep an eye on it when I attend CES in Las Vegas next year.

And for those of us who are looking to price up some of Motorola's new folding phones, there's even more news for them.

This month, a company called Escobar Ink has announced that they will be stepping into the smart phones market soon and according to their plans they will soon introduce a folding phone at Markham which costs only $ 349.

The Escobar company is founded by the brother of Colombia's notorious drug dealer Pablo Escobar.

Many analysts at technology websites say that the design and spec of the Escobar Fold One are similar to Royal Flexspeed.

This folding phone is currently only available on the company's own website.

However, I don't think Samsung is going to make a difference right now.

Wednesday, 25 December 2019

December 25, 2019



Hi guys in this article I am going to give you Christmas animations and some free effects by using this Christmas animation you can actually make your own Intro, title or anything for Christmas event if you want to add this you just simply need an editor video editor like Wondershare Filmora and then simply drag and drop these footage is into your timeline. Adjust Green Screen footage then simply remove your green screen and export or render your footage into your computer now your intro template or your intro or your title is ready if you want to download this file package then click on the download button below.

Top Highlighted Features:-
1.Free Of Costs
2.Animation & Green Screen

1.Free Of Costs:-
This file is originally designed by Syed Badshah Official. So, we don't charge you anything by downloading this. This package is 100% Free Of Cost.

2.Animation & Green Screen:-
This package include 5 3D Animated Footages including Green Screen Footages Specially designed for the Christmas Event.

This package is free of copyright you have full rights to use these footages in any of your project & you also have full rights to upload these footages in any of your social media.

December 25, 2019



Hi Guys in this article I am going to give you Neon Text Effects by using this name text effects you can easily make your own neon title. In this article I am also giving you 3D Neon Text Fonts effects and also one background wallpaper for the background of your intro or your title so I also gave you one as SFX I mean Sound Effect of neon text effect and I also mention neon text effect tutorial in Urdu Hindi language so if you have not know how to make Neon Text Effect you can also watch over tutorial below by using these files you can actually make very good quality intro simply you need to edit this in Filmora 9 you know Wondershare Filmora by compiling these files by adding some text you can make your own intro on title. So, thanks for reading click on the download button.

Top Highlighted Features:-

Here you can get free fonts for Neon Effect. So, You don't need to intense about Fonts. You can easily download neon fonts from here.

Neon SFX is much important. You guys know that every Intro or Trailer  or title has its own sound effect(SFX). So, here I gave you free Neon Title Sound Effect. So that you don't need to search on google or anywhere else.

Guys, we also giving you wall background. So, you know that every title or intro has background image. So here you can easily download Wall Background for you Neon Intro/Trailer.





Thursday, 19 December 2019

December 19, 2019


Filmora 9.3 New Update | 125+ New Features & Effects

Hi guys in this article I am going to talk about the Filmora new version last night filmora release new version called filmora 9.3 so there are a lot of new features that Wondershare included in the in its new version cal filmora 9.3 so in this article I am going to show you about the new updated features of filmora by step by step I will talk you about these new features

New Updates & Features:-
1.Beat Detection
2.New Title & Transitions
3.Lut Layer Effect
4.Group Clips
5.Copy/Paste Clip Effect
6.Easy Split

1.Beat Detection:-
Team Wondershare recently added beat detection feature in their new version of filmora. Now if you import audio into your timeline then filmora automatically detects the audio & mark beats. This is very cool feature.

2.New Titles & Transitions:-
Team Wondershare also added some new free amazing titles & transition in their new version of software called Filmora 9.3. So, from now you have a wide range of free Titles & Transitions.

3.Lut Layer Effect:-
Lut layer effect is also very cool feature. By using this feature you will be able to put lut into layer that's also a very cool & interesting feature of Filmora 9.3

4.Group Clips:-
So, If you are moving or arranging your clips then this feature is going to help you a lot. So, From now you can make group clips & easily move anywhere. That feature looks more cool & awesome.

5.Copy/Paste Clip Effect:-
Now you can also be able to copy or paste any effect from any footage. Now editing is much simple & easier.

6.Easy Split:-
Easy Split feature is also very interesting. Now in Filmora 9.3 you can see a button on your timeline indicator & whenever you click on cut button your video will automatically split. That's also very cool & awesome feature.

Watch Our Dedicated Video About This Awesome Update

Wednesday, 18 December 2019

December 18, 2019

Cinematic Movie Trailer Background + Text Fill Gradient | Free Download

Cinematic Movie Trailer Background + Text Fill Gradient | Free Download

Hi guys, In this article I am going to give you cinematic video background by using the cinematic video background you can actually make your trailer look like Hollywood cinematic trailer so I hope that this is very helpful for you so you can edit this file in any of your editing software like Wondershare Filmora, Adobe Premiere Pro, Sony Vegas and other video editing software like this so if you want to add this files you just simply need to drag and drop your background video and paste your text in the footage then simply edit your text by name of your channel name for whatever you want to type into your trailer and simply export or render your footage and that's it your file is ready your trailer is ready now you have successfully made your movie trailer by using simple this footage if you want to download this footage then click on the download button below..!!!

Top Highlighted Features:-
1.Free Of Cost
2.High Definition Quality (HD)
3.Gradient Text Fill Images
4.Copyright Free

1.Free Of Cost:-
This background file is originally designed by Syed Badshah Official. We don't charge of this footage.

2.High Definition Quality (HD):-
This footage file is made in High Quality (HD). Its resolution is (16:9), 1920x1080. So, you don't need to care about bad quality or pixelated footage.

3.Gradient Text Fill Images:-
Gradient Text Fill Images is also must usable if you are making cinematic trailer like Hollywood Movie Trailer. So, You can also watch our tutorial about this in Urdu & Hindi Language.

4.Copyright Free:-
This file package is given by Syed Badshah Official. You can use this in any of your project with any copyright claim issue. You are absolutely free to use this file in any of your social media like Facebook, YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Twitter & Instagram e.t.c

Sample Images

Click On The Download Button Below↓↓
Cinematic Trailer Background + Text Fill Pack

Monday, 25 November 2019

November 25, 2019

What Are The 5 Technology Trends That Make Up The Beauty Industry??

What are the five technology trends that make up the beauty industry?

Beauty brands are utilizing everything from artificial intelligence (AI) to Augmented Reality to attract their customers in a fiercely competitive market. But whether these results work in new ways or not.

Last year, when L'Oreal said that it did not want to be the number 1 beauty firm in the world, but the number one tech company, it was clear at that time that things had changed in the industry.

"Beauty concerns for women are the same for 30 to 40 years," says Gavio Baloch, global vice president of L'Oreal Technology Incubator. But technology has made consumers more demanding. '

"Now they want more personalized and just the right products and we have to obey them."

What are the major tech trends?
1. Personalization and artificial intelligence
Goa Baloch says '50% of women complain that they do not get the right color foundation for their face and darker women want them to get more versatility'.

They say bringing thousands of shades to the market will be of no use.

L'Oreal, a subsidiary of L'Oreal, has solved this problem in the form of a custom made foundation machine called Le Tent Practicular that promises to find the exact color of your skin.

These machines are available at sulfridge and heroids stores in the UK. Lincam consultants first test your skin color with a colorimeter which is a type of digital scanner.

These results are then put into a computer that has 20,000 different colors to choose from, using a specially designed algorithm.

Finally the results of this computer are sent to a machine that mixes the foundation for you, right there in the shop.

Baloch says 'it's like mixing colors in a hardware store but the skin is much more complex.'

The demand for personalized cosmetics is on the rise, according to market research firm Mintel. Almost half of consumers want their beauty product specially made for them, and one-third of consumers believe that such products produce better results.

But at £ 85, 30 milliliters of Le Tent speculator is not cheap. And some have warned that the cost of such cosmetics is not accessible to everyone.

'It sends the message that you have to be rich to take advantage of the product,' says Sharleen Low, a review editor at the US Technology Website & Gadget. Which is beyond comprehension. '

2. Virtual try on apps
As we grow more and more online shopping, beauty brands use this fast-paced reality to enhance their experience.

Improvements in image recognition and face recognition technology make these digital overlays more accurate.

Take Safora's Virtual Artist, which lets your clients try thousands of colors of lipstick and eye shades on their smartphones or stores.

This app tracks the measurement and facial impressions of your lips and eyes so they know where to put cosmetics.

It can also match shades to your skin, as well as give you makeup tips digitally.

Safura says that since its launch in 2016, 20 million shades have been tried through Virtual Artist and other brands have also launched their 'Try On' apps from Garnier to Germany's DM. Are.

But some people who have gone through this experience say that these apps can't really be an alternative to trying out products.

Vogue Business Innovation Editor Meghan McDowall also agrees that these episodes do not produce 100% accurate results, but they also say that buyers find them useful.

In today's snap chat, when people put AR filters on their faces, it all seems fine.

Most people use them to experience new styles and styles, but they are also buying products through these apps.

3. Skin care smart devices
Would you trust a computer to rate your skin? High Mirror, a 'smart mirror' created by Taiwan's NewCompo Group, does just that.

Each time you log in it takes a picture of your face and scans it for wrinkles, spots, gums and glow levels.

Then it categorizes those things from good to bad and tells you about tips and products.

They have also created a series of filters that anyone can download from Snap Chat.

The goal is to get more photos and videos shared and that's why some of their digital creations have gone viral.

'It can change the color of your skin, it can be 3D or even colorful,' says Miss McDowall of Wag. Things that aren't possible in real life. '

It goes along with the idea that everyone has a digital twin and you can play with it. '