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Syed Badshah Official is the best way to read all the tech news that matter the most. Discover what's trending in the technology space across the globe. Watch exclusive tech videos and personalize the newsfeed as per your interests. 

Key Features: 

Tech That Matters: The app brings you the latest and trending news that really matter to you. 

Clean, Lightweight, Ad-free Material Design Experience: The news offered in the Syed Badshah Official app is crisp and short, so that you can read all the news in a day quickly. Plus, the app uses Google's Material UI design language for a smooth lag-free experience. The app is also very lightweight at just 6-8 MB. 

Tech Trends: Want to know what's trending in the tech world? The app features a scrollable bar on the top that brings you trends from the technology world, updated in real time. These trends are smart and based on the topics that are making all the noise in the tech world across the globe.

Exclusive Videos: With this app, you have access to Syed Badshah Official's YouTube videos and Facebook videos, but that's not all. The app offers you videos that will be exclusive to app users. 

Personalize Your Feed: Syed Badshah Official gives you total control on the news you want to see. You can just go to your profile and choose your interests to stay updated on particular news topics.

Bookmarks: Want to read a news later? Bookmark news items to save them for later.

* Syed Badshah Official brings you breaking news from the technology world from a range of different topics, including Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Linux, Apps, Phones, Computers, Cameras, Gaming, Social Media, Smart Gadgets, Accessories, and more.

Syed Badshah Official is a free tech news app and there are no ads or any in-app purchases. 

About Syed Badshah Official

Syed Badshah Official is essentially a consumer technology website that provides technology news and resources. Currently, we serve more than 7 million impressions both on our articles as well as on the videos on YouTube. 

With the Syed Badshah Official app, we aim to provide a better solution for accessing technology news on the mobile devices.

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