ASUS Introduces Zen Phone 6 Edition - Read Specs

Asus introduces Zen Phone 6 Edition 30 with 12 GB Ram and 512 GB Storage

Asus has been completed for 30 years. On the occasion, the company has introduced a special laptop (details page) and a special smartphone.
Asus introduced Zen Phones 6 a few days ago (details on this page).
Asus completed 30 years of his career, Asus introduced Zen Phones 6 Edition 30.
This smartphone was introduced in Taiwan in the year 2019.

This smartphone is limited to a limited number. Only 3000 units will be sold. With this VIP benefits and a 30-month vendor will be offered. This phone will include Snap Dragon 855 Chip Set, 12GB Rim and 512 GB Battery. This phone's Philip Camera Setup includes 48 megapixel Sony IMX 586 Main Censor and 13 Megapixel Ultra-Wired Censor (125 Degree) This phone has received a record breaking cell phone score on DxoOMark.
This phone has 5,000 mAh battery. The phone's loop lens display is 6.4 inches, with resolution of 1080p +.

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