Call Of Duty (Mobile) Full Version - Apk

"Call Of Duty (Mobile) Full Version - Apk"

On March 18, North American time, "Call of Duty: Mobile" mobile game for Android pre-booked Google Play began. The iOS version is about to start soon. The exact release date is unknown, but according to the official FAQ, details will be released within the next few months.
This is a mobile game based on the popular "Call of Duty" series of popular FPS games. It is a game system that enables in-app purchases for free play. The game includes maps such as Nuketown and Crash, and you can play in various modes such as Team Deathmatch.
This mobile series was developed jointly by Activision and Tencent. It is a first-person shooter game based on <Call of Duty: Black Ops 4> released last year. The player can defeat the enemy with various firearms. In addition to shooting guns, you can defeat enemies through special skills such as drone, air bombardment, and cover.

"Top Features"

Multi-player capability!

Play as a famous character!

Customizing firearms!

Battlefield (Battlefield) conquest!

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