Can We Save The World By Eating Insects?

Can we save the world by eating insects?

There was a time when many of us used to eat a variety of turtle fish and closed cabbage, eating nail leaves and drinking drinks from seed mango. But thousands of people today eat sushi roles in soybean during some lunch breaks.

But what do you think about cooking a snack by doing something in a racket?

Last week, a famous Sushi restaurant in Abu Dhabi, London, played a mixture of her fans. He says that Dungeon is healthy and environmentally friendly diet.

Carroller, director of the Abu Kakova restaurant manager, Carl believes that insects will become part of our daily diet in the next few years.

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Last year, Sensbury has begun to sell food as a litter in 250 shops.

The packaging boxes of Samuki Barbe Ki-kaira Taganger can now be purchased only for one and a half pounds on the Okodo Store.

These trends are encouraged to say that healthy diet-based protein is also environmentally friendly. This diet can also be said to be an alternative to the traditional dishes of meat and fish.

But it is also noteworthy that eating insects is not a new thing, but almost 2 billion people are worms around the world. Researchers have named it 'Intommi'.

According to a famous Sushi restaurant in London, Dungeon is a healthy and eco-friendly diet
Useful for 'insect food environment'
Whole bugs, including fairies, can be eaten while we use only 40 percent of the cow to eat.

According to a report published in the United Nations 2013 2013, eating a worm can not only satisfy its nutritional needs but also reduce pollution in environmental pollution.

Dr. Tylinn Collins, who is linked to London's Imperial College, is expected to be very common because they have many environmental benefits.

"In the western world, we have to stop eating meat on the risks of human existence. In developing countries, food problems are facing problems and can thus be a major part of the insects. "

Interestingly, most of the land, water, and other resources are required to cultivate insects. An estimated 80 percent less methane gas excludes insects of insects.

In order to increase production, large number of amazon forests were planted so that they could be sent to the whole world by making cheap cow meat.
Dr. Collins says that with the help of the lost food can also provide insects to the insects. By doing so, we can make proteins from a fully disinfected item.

But all insects are not environmentally friendly than traditional meat.

Charlotte Pan, a psychiatrist associated with Cambridge University, says that it is strong that meat obtained from the local area is more environmentally friendly than insects.

'Various items made of mugs in the UK markets leave different effects on the environment.'

Charlotte adds that in this regard, the verifying process of insects can ensure that this movement should not be a threat to business-like environment during the past few decades.

Since past year, Sisbury has started selling as little as lunch in its 250 stores.
'No poultry production solution'
Joshua Evans, co-author of the book 'On-etching Institutes,' says that insects are probably not an environmentally friendly alternative as people imagine.

"If we feel that the wastewater and multi-production results will change due to insects, then we can face frustration."

Speaking to the Canadian newspaper Globe and Mail, he said that similar hopes were expected from the soybean in the mid-twentieth century.

He said that soybean was made as a registered item, which has been cultivated by a large number of amazon forests to increase their production, to make cheap meat and be sent throughout the world.

Evening added, 'Now the process of generating insects in soybean is now started, the date will be reversed.'

On the other hand, according to the Vegan Society (only vegetarian advocate), if we want to seriously change our diet habits, vegetarian-based food is the only solution that can reduce pollution.

George Gill, chief executive of Wagon Society, says that it has been widely acknowledged that eating food products has bad effects on the environment but it has not been made a part of any policy yet.

People associated with animal production are still not ready to believe that they cause environmental pollution and it has become clear that we will not be able to process Paris agreement until we have a nationally-based diet. Take it

According to Dr. Collins, some insects are very nervous
'The worms in the vessels are tasted'

Many people are still awful to lift or take food for flying bugs.

According to a study of Imperial College London, children are more interested in eating insects than parents. According to Dr. Collins, it is easier for humans to change their diet in lesser numbers.

'Some insects are very delicious. Overall they have many flavors and nutritional benefits that make a mixture of vegetable food. "

Charlotte Pan says that 'people are generally afraid of trying new things and often do not understand the insects happy. But now fortunately more people are talking about insects of insects. I have seen changes in behavior of people about pesticide during working for eight years in this sector. '

Charlotte Pan says that now fortunately more people are talking about insects of insects
Radio January 1, DJ Adel Roberts, woke up for a week for his directorate 'Gurbas Up: Eating Institutes for a Week'.

He said, 'My theory was changed about insects that were eaten later.' Now if these insects fall into a restaurant's menu or dish, I'll definitely think about eating them. '

She says, 'These are very delicious if you know the right way to cook them.'

Adel said that since then, he does not regularly eat insects, and a major reason for this is that insects are not usually available in markets.

'This problem still exists where the insects are bought from.'

According to them, many products are now available in markets and online, but their number is less than other protein nutrients.

'You should know where these products can be purchased. Apart from this, many products are now available in a process of condition that I do not like to buy anyway.

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