Children missing on missing ATM machines in Netherlands

Children missing on missing ATM machines in Netherlands

Generally, on the screen of ATM machines' screen, advertisements run on advertisements for free time, but the Netherlands is the first country in the world where ATM screens are reported to be reported when Amber alert is lost. .
The decision to show the information of lost children on ATM machines has been processed last week. Children's screen saver is being shown on more than 300 ATM machines in the Netherlands.
Initially information about missing lost children on Airports and Shopping Centers. However, officials say it will be spread across all over the country's ATM machines.
Two types of alert are issued on the ATM screen. An emergency message amber alert.

These are released if the child is lost and in danger. Other common alerts are issued at the time when the child is lost and the authorities are worried about his good deeds.

In both cases, the machine shows child's picture and related information. When there is no pictures of children in the machine, they have a copy of the parent, which they are appealing to install the amber It on their mobile.
Amber (America's Missing: Broadcast Emergency Response) alert is available since the 1990s. Technology has come together as well.
The US Federal Communications Association in 2016 approved the spread of wireless emergency alert system, which will then be sent directly to mobile phones. Technology companies have also connected this service to their products. Both Weights and Google have added Amber Alerts to their platforms.
The Sindh Police has also made a mobile application called Zainab alert, which allows people to report the loss of children to the police immediately.

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