Google Ban Huawei - 5 Reasons Of Ban

"Huawei Banned In US By Government"

For millions of Huawei enthusiasts, the future seems somewhat uncertain. It is known that Google will cancel its Android app, search and play store licenses, as the US Trump Administration has ordered Huawei by an administrative order last week. The future of the world's second-largest smartphone maker suddenly became uncertain, and the current products seem to be breathtaking.
So far, both companies have been doing their best to prevent the dark situation, but it is still unclear what will happen in the future. "The security protection provided by Google Play and Google Play Protect will continue to work on existing Huawei devices for Google service users,"

There are so many uncertainties in these two presentations. But in the end, nothing changes right now. Huawei P30 ProNamate 20 will still work properly, and you can download, delete and update your app as usual. The reasons for believing that nothing has changed for a while are as follows.

1. The conversion takes time.
So far, the news is that Google cancels Huawei's license. Therefore, it is likely to take a long time until the cancellation effect is felt. Even with the overall ban, removing apps, search and playstore from Huawei smartphones is not as simple as flipping the switch. Google's services are complicated by the Android and Huawei EMUI interfaces. The Huawei smartphone will work just as it did yesterday, and it will be over the next few months until the two companies create an elimination plan.

2, Exception handling of existing smartphone
We do not know much about Google's cancellation of licenses, but smartphones already on the market are likely to be excluded from this decision. Huawei has contracted with Google, and Huawei's smartphone has been sold to users, including PlayStore and Google services. Lawyers and management must reach a new consensus. Google, Huawei and the US government have a lot of work to do, and until then Huawei smartphones are likely to receive security and app updates as before.

3. Huawei has plans too
It's a shocking news that Google cancels Huawei's license, but it's not unexpected. The US government has attacked Huawei for some time, and a soft ban on Huawei smartphone sales in the US was already under way. Google's decision is like a so-called nuclear option, but Huawei should have expected when this could happen. Therefore, Huawei is likely to have various measures. Completely redesigning the EMUI OS so that it does not include the Android source code, or taking emergency measures to replace Google services. Of course there are a lot of questions to ask, but obviously Huawei engineers will be trying hard to make a solution.

4. EMUI OS is not affected
It should be noted that no matter how and when cancellation, Huawei's core EMUI code is not affected. Huawei's operating system is based on an open source project for Android that anyone can use, so the relationship with the US government has no effect. Although Google can block its services and playstores from Huawei smartphones, most of the EMUI remains intact. Of course, it will not be possible for EMUI to work the same way now without PlayStore, Chrome, or Google Maps.

5. Google does not want users to see damage
In fact, in this dispute, Google is as damaging as Huawei. Not only does Huawei lose large customers, but it also loses millions of users of Google Apps and services on Huawei smartphones. If the app crashes, the update stops, and the Play Store's security is compromised, it will be a hit on Google as well as Huawei. Therefore, it is highly likely that Google will have a solution that is acceptable to both Huawei and the US government.

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