How To Bring PayPal To Pakistan - Why PayPal Is Not In Pakistan

"Here's how to bring PayPal to Pakistan"

According to the local media, PayPal, the US company, expressed its disabilities in providing services to Pakistan. Products are exported out of Pakistan, but there is no facility to receive money from the Internet till now. Pay start is such a company that is providing these services annually from around the world.

Although more details were not presented by the Senate Standing Committee, PayPal is currently tested on Twitter.

What is the beginning of the moment, what are the reasons for which there is still no facility in Pakistan and how complex it is for the government to do, and above all, what can a common man benefit from it? For answers to these questions, the BBC spoke to Badr Khushanud, a specialist of digital affairs related to Google, Facebook and Twitter.

What is the beginning
It's a simple task. It is used for delivery of a small amount of online online. It is also named Pay toeer, ie, exchange of money between people. There are very few countries in the world, including Pakistan, where it is not.

Now there are some system minutes coming out of the mobile phone, but the same method is used first time around the world. This only requires the email you have received and you can make your money delivery overseas.

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E-commerce: How can you do your business on the Internet?

How can Pakistani users earn money on the internet?

For instance, Bahawalpur Multan or anywhere, a lady is dressed out and dressed out. It's easy to send, but if they want to earn money, instead of paying for it, they can sit at home and take it. In this, you do not have to go to the home of the Azizi money or Western Union counterpart.

It is very important for international e-commerce. People who are attached to small businesses can use it. It's easy for you locally.

What is the size of electronic commerce in your country?

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Its example is that according to the State Bank last year, the total cost of electronic transactions, online sales and sales remained more than one billion across Pakistan.

Here it also needs to know that it does not include corrosion, oven, cream etc. The reason for this is that Gateway is not a local for their minutes. Meaning that when you use a credit card, the transaction is out, your country's local level does not include eCommerce.

It is half a percentage compared to shopping in the entire Pakistan, while online shopping in India is two percent and nine percent in the US, and it is more than 23% in China.

Why is Pakistan important for Pakistan?
The number of Internet users in Pakistan is more than six million, but these users can not shop online because the payday system is not good here.

Due to Pay-per-demand and status worldwide, Pakistan can increase international commerce. Pakistan wants to increase its exports. This will happen when you send out stuff and get money from there and it's not just at the top of the companies, but people do it at the very least.

At present, Pakistan's population is above 20 million while our exports are about $ 20 billion.

In comparison to that, Singapore's total population is 50 million, exports are $ 372 billion.

It is not that there is a lack of skill in Pakistan, everyone has some skills but the problem is accessible in market and money. Now, if both of these things happen, then the skilled people here have a problem with the company offered by problem like Pay Per.

What is the problem in Pay Perry coming to Pakistan?
The country that works in the country runs according to the laws of the country. But the question is how strong your country's laws and related financial institutions are and how much it is implemented.

At this time, due to this big company coming to Pakistan, the reason for forgiveness is Pakistan's rankings in Money Laundering, Terrorism and FATF, because if its smallest minute was used in the wrong place, their reputation also Will be bad

And if there are such measures, the relevant company would like to know how government and related institutions are able to handle these things and deal with such situation so that no one repeats it and any company demands these demands. I do.

Every government has tried that the pay-off and international companies come here, but doing verbal words will not be anything.

Our government tells them that you should come, but the government should try to speak clearly and talk about what their concerns are, and then Pakistan will resolve these issues.

And this is just the need to talk with PayPal, not with other international companies and it requires dialog.

Pakistan can bring smaller companies than payday. It includes Google Pay Minutes, V Chat, Watts app, Striptease, Amazon. If Pakistan talks with these companies on the first level, it can be very good if they bring them. Due to this, the legal and local level issue for payday will also be resolved. If our rules are better, Pay Perry will also be interested in Pakistan.

And remember that in the new business models coming out, all the companies will give you the same demand, this is not limited to just a pay-off ...

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