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"iLauncher (Paid Version) - Free Apk"

Top Feature:-
Turn Your Normal Android Device Intro iOS 13.

New Highlighted Features:-
  • Change Your Android's User Experience
  • Dark Mode Support
  • Customize Anything You Want
  • Change Logo, Name & Also Hide Any App
Read About iOS 13:-
When the Apple Annual Meeting of Developers (WWDC) starts on June 3 (local time), new iOS design changes and features are released. This year, the thirteenth new version of iOS, however, is the most used and influential in the world, with rumors always pouring out. New features that are already expected to be added in 'iOS 13' are roughly outlined even though the WWDC is about a month away. Bloomberg has added Dark Mode in iOS 13 and added sleep tracking as a notable feature of the new Apple watch. I rummaged the rumors about iOS 13.

Dark mode

The internal development code named "Yukon", iOS 13, focuses on the experience, in other words, on performance improvements and bug fixes. As we all know, iOS 12 has overcome a number of bugs in the previous version and has seen remarkable speed improvements. Every year, Apple rushes back to the beginnings of the basics. iOS 13 focuses on building an UX that changes the multitasking animation behavior when the app is running and when it ends (changes when the home screen is swiped to the left) and widget design changes. The addition of dark mode is one of them.
Bloomberg cited reliable sources inside Apple, saying that new features in iOS 13 include Darkmode. Dark mode, which represents the whole screen in dark color, is likely to be applied in Mac OS. Marc Gherman, who mainly deals with the iPhone in Bloomberg, claims to be added as a control center option.

New health app

Health apps will include design changes to make daily activity tracking easier, earphone volume, ability to measure ambient noise to help your health, and monitoring your menstrual cycle.

Reminder apps can be categorized into four categories: 'To do today', 'All tasks', 'Scheduled tasks', 'Tasks with flagged tasks'. A new message for the profile picture and name change function is added to the new design screen for animated icons and text stickers.

The Maps app is enhanced with a route guidance interface for frequent locations, and the ability to specify and group photos of your favorite places. 'Find My iPhone' and 'Find Friends' are merged into one, which further extends the functionality. It seems to be able to track things using an Apple device's Bluetooth network, such as ibicone, which supports lost-and-found tags such as 'MAMORIO' and 'tile'.
Mail apps simply mute certain threads, block incoming mail from certain opponents, or simplify folder-level management. Bedtime works with the new Apple watch's sleep tracking feature.
Safari is improved to manage downloaded files in one place like Mac 'Download' folder, and file apps can also be linked with third party apps.
iOS 13 includes a new home screen aimed at the iPad, the ability to write multiple versions of an app as if moving multiple web pages, and improved file management. It's also likely to have a dual monitor (similar to a duet display) on a Mac. For example, you can display a Mac's work on the iPad, or assign an iPad to a specific work space, such as an Apple pencil. It is a waste of space to stick to the same home screen as the iPhone with 12.9 inch large screen (?) IPad. It is reasonable to make this a priority improvement in the new iOS.

At the end of the article, Bloomberg opened up the possibility that some of the features introduced here will be postponed to the next version of iOS 13. Apple has already begun developing iOS 14, which is named Azul. The main functions of the iPhone and iOS 14 in 2020 will be augmented reality (AR) optimized for 5G networks.

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