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Wednesday, 29 May 2019

New Feature Was Introduced In Google Chrome For Android

A new feature was introduced in Google Chrome for Android

Many users work together in the Chrome piles tabs. Some mobile users are not behind anyone in opening more tabs. If there are few tabs opened in Chrome for Android, there is no problem because existing card-style interface users' work is done. However, if more than 10 tabs are open then scrolling and searching for tabular tabs becomes a problem.
A new feature included in Google Chrome can solve this issue of users. Google introduces a new feature of tab grouping and re-designed tabs for Chrome; Android users.
Long press menu will also offer a new option Open in new tab group. This will open your sites in groups. When starting a new group, this navigation will appear at the bottom of the bar.

The open tab in the group will look like a fusion. Swipe down from the search bar to tap the tab icon with the search bar, you'll get to the new tabs on the screen. Now you will see thumbnails instead of cards.
Tab Groups will show you as folders. Each folder will contain a number of tabs in the group. Additionally, the pseudoons of thumbnail preview and the first four pages will also be fusion.
Tabs on a group will clearly find out which links to it. This tab will be like screen.
From this feature, you can place open tabs in themes by topic. The work is still on this new interface.
If you are using a Chrome key, you can use this feature with chrome: // flags. Enable enable-tab-groups-ui-improvements on the flags screen and enable this feature. After activating you will need to reset the browser twice.

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