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Sunday, 23 June 2019

Early Knowledge Of The People Of Ancient Times About Drugs

Early knowledge of the people of ancient times

At the height of the height of the pamir mountains, the ancient musical instrument was spread in the hare-melted lyrics and the furry rhymes and the junkper aroma in the air ... It was a part of the interaction power and the dead-to-reach contact.

According to archaeological testing scientists using Forinzic technology in China's western province Xinjiang, these rituals were paid 2500 years ago and the oldest use of this plant for psychologically active features Is.

Their results were published on Wednesday, in the journal Science Advance.

According to the ancient plantologist, Robert Spencer, research suggests that from apple to nutroot, the count is counted in the growing crops that grow around the ancient Silk Road and come into its modern state.

Roberts Spagler, of the Max Planet Institute for the Science of Human History, located in Gina, Germany, says, "Our research indicates that cultural cognitive knowledge related to varieties of coconut and specific chemical quantity of beef is said. It was part that spread through affiliate areas through the Silk Route.

The information from this research shows that less powerful varieties used for oil seeds, rope and durable clothes 6000 years ago in East China used to be contrary to it.

Recent research has been studied at the Grenadines Cemetery near the border of China and Tajikistan where the excavation work began in 2013.

Researchers have found ten wooden alphabets from the place of tomb, which contain stones and clear signs of burning.

The oldest cemetery is situated on the surface of the sea level of three thousand meters and has some features.

Its upper part is covered with black and white rocks, which are set up in long stripes, and there are high tables or tables in the batch between the batches and they are beneath rocks.

Such types of palaces were found throughout Central Asia during this period, which shows that they were considered to be common civilization and religion but could not immediately understand the purpose of anthropy.

Human sacrifice
Scientists used gas chromatography-mass spectrometer (GCMS) method used in forensic reviews for analysis of fungus and fried stones.

In this, the first chemical compounds are separated or separated, and then its elements are identified on the mechanical or metallic surface.

Prof. Emeng Yang, professor at the University of China Academy of Sciences, said: "Our surprise was not the end of the time when we got the bacterial bacterial bacteria that contain psychiatric pains as special psychiatrist."

The wooden gut that got the elements of the plant was especially the cannabol (CBN), which are elements of the plant and when they fly in the air, there are effects.

With other evidence such as Corner Horse, which was an important instrument of burial during ancient times, a ginger made of cinnamon wood, which gives rise to the turpentine etc., shows that the big among the clouds of smoke There was a scale of fun in which people arrive in the other world mentally.

Yang told the news agency AFP that one person has got body in one of those graves, which is believed to have died naturally, but the structure of other people is found by other people. And there were signs of knitting on the skull, which diggers described human sacrifices.

He further added that the DNA of these structures is being examined to find out if they were relatives.

Matching of farming or basins?
According to Spagalgar, there are two ideas related to the growing HTH-based vegetable in this area.

The first is that people will be planting cattle there and they will select the vegetable plants that have more psychiatric dynamics and put them on high altitude so that they have more of TCHC. The level

Secondly, the 'two generations' match. According to this, it can be said that during the long-term agreements with humans, all the plants were not cultivated, but some were pushed rapidly because of their properties.

According to the idea, when people continued to grow high with silk (silk road) they spread unnecessarily seed seeds and resulted in different species of new ones.

The topic of drug abuse in Central Eurasia has been disturbing historians and archaeologists for a long time, and recent research shows that the ancient Greek historian is confirmed by Heroditis.

In the fifth century BC, they write how people sat in small tents and planted with a hot rock in a bowl in the Mediterranean plain.

History of Hindus in the sacred book Rig Vaid has been historically a long time for 'Soma' or 'Humma' in Suma and Zantattis' history, and Spaglagar believes that this new research is again on these things. The discussion will begin.

He said: 'I think this research did not solve the discussion of Som, but I hope we have created interest in using the ancient times of the plants in this part of the world.'

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