Google Added Augmented Reality Animals In Its Search App

Google Add Animals To The Search App From Augmented Reality Ai

If you find a specific animal on Google, you can surprise yourself by showing this animal from Firefox Realty in your results. Google has released new cards for search. This card shows the real world viewers But for this you have to enable Firefox to be enabled in the phone.
According to the report, the feature now shows Alpine Bakers, a few special fishes, bears, penguins, European bars, lions, tires and wild sheep.

In addition, this feature also shows dogs and calls.
When you search for one of these animals, along with the animal's picture card and a mess meet a life-sized [animal] up close.
From this feature you can see the animal in your room too. This means that the animals you are looking for will appear in your room's background in the cell phone. You can also move them and reduce their size. Apart from this, you can also enjoy proper vision and sound effects. Google is working with NASA, Samsung and Valvoor companies, so that more cards can be introduced for future search.

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