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Tuesday, 18 June 2019

HUAWEI Started Displaying Ads On Smartphone's Lock Screen

Huawei started displaying ads on a smartphone's lock screen

We all know that Chinese smartphone company has suffered a lot of difficulties after US sanctions. After this ban the company has changed its strategy. Apparently it seems that the company now wants to earn an advertisement on the smartphone's lock screen.
There are news that Huawei has started advertising advertisements on a smart screen of your smartphone.

Some users of Huawei say that on a smartphone's lock screen, a booking website is showing advertisements, but they did not even install advertisers' applications.
These ads appear when you choose Huawei Highlights from the wallpaper setting in the smartphone.
According to the information, this advertisement has been displayed on June 12 from the PSU Pro, P20 Pro, P20, P20 Lite, Matt 20 Pro and Airway 10.

This advertisement is appearing to customers in the UK, Netherlands, South Africa, Norway, Germany and many other countries.
Users on Social Media criticized the process of display advertisements on a lock screen.
Users may also disappoint if they want. Go to Device Settings for this. Then select Home Screen and Background option. Then select Change Background. Here you just remove the check mark of Huawei Highlights or change the current backup.

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