Sami Chaudhary's Says: 'It Is Good That Sarfraz Does Not Win Toss'

Sami Chaudhary's Says: 'It is good that Sarfraz Tas does not live'

In the recent World Cup, England wickets have been confused with the fact that if anyone took a decision to see bowling or raining, then it seemed to be favorable for a short while.

Sarfraz was also worried about this.
He also wanted to win the toss first. But fate proved better than Sarfraz that Toss lost and the responsibility of the first bowling was found.

Mohammad Aamir is among the winners of this World Cup. The last moment, she was wondering about something specially planned. And really that plan is now coming.

Despite such a success, it is clear that this is no longer the one who was in Debbie's early years. She's over and over.
Now no one is making 'Swinging Swing', now no ball is suddenly caught in the bat with no wicket.

Now Mohammed Aamir is playing his own experience. At the moment, he has the ability to polish two years ago with retirement, with run-ups, by making money, balling in good linen in stamps.
This strategy is proven to be beneficial for Aamir as the Sunni proved to be a worker for polio in 2006.

But even more than Aamir, the bowlers expected to expect fans, were Shahin Shah Afridi.

One of the youngest pyramidies of the tournament, the long-term fast bowler and the one-in-one arm.

But Shahid Afridi was silent till tomorrow's match.

And it is possible that if Pakistan first batged and that would be the same ShahidAfridi bowling in the second innings, then figures would not be surprised.

Because Williamson is the piercing board when running on the craze. But Shahid Afridi showed it possible that in the presence of Williamson, the score board can be stopped.

Shahid Khah Afridi was not even bowling before this match. But what was lacking was 'cut'. His ball was not going to suddenly hit the bat.

Eagleston's wicket and tossed the defeats back to Shahid Afridi. Williamson was scared for the only wicket that would be difficult to face Pakistan sniper in the second innings.

But Williamson ignored that any long-term fast bowler on the rain-hit outfield and the used wicket could be far more than the second innings sniper. And then, Shahid Khan Afridi was really heavy.

Shahid Khan Afridi also scored the pulse of the wicket and broke the match of the match. And his cross-balls made this charisma a second day to find similarities with the banana World Cup.

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