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Tuesday, 4 June 2019

Samsung Introduced New Olympic Games Edition Of Galaxy S10+

Samsung Introduced New Olympic Game Edition Of Galaxy S10+

Samsung introduced the Olympics Games Edition of the Galaxy S10 Plus

Samsung is a sponsor of Olympic Games since 1998 and will be sponsored by 2028. Samsung's tradition is that it releases a special edition of its flagship on every Olympic.
This year Samsung has chosen the Galaxy S10 Plus for the Olympic Edition. Samsung's Galaxy S10 Plus Olympic Edition has Tokyo 2020 games, as well as the mobile carriers of Docomo.
Samsung has presented the Galaxy S10 Plus Olympic Edition with a special Galaxy Wireless Buds.
Samsung Galaxy S 10 Plus Olympic Edition will be created only 10 thousand units. Phone preparation will start at the end of July. This phone will be offered in Japan with the help of mobile carrier Docomo. The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Olympic Edition is worth $ 1,000 or 900 euros.

It could not be clear whether this phone will be presented in other countries other than Japan. It is estimated that this phone will be presented only in Japan.
Samsung will also provide a special contract with this phone. In the past, launches special apps with Samsung and has been starring the Olympic in VR.
Samsung has released Galaxy Note 7, 2014 in Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Note Olympic Edition in 2014, in Galaxy Note 8, 2016 in Samsung in 2018.

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