Watch 120 Years Old Recording Of Solar Eclipse - HD

Watch 120 Years Old Recording Of Solar Eclipse - HD

"The earliest video footage recorded in 1900"
The earliest video recording of the sunlight is now available to watch on YouTube. This is a 1 minute and 8 second video clip in which sunlight is well-closed.
The scene of sun lighting was closed on May 28, 1900, in a movie in North Carolina. During an expedition of its British Astronomical Association, a magician, Neil Maschelen, recorded a telephonic adapter on her camera.

It was easy to record sunlight.
This movie has been released on YouTube this week, before it was present in the Archaeological Royal Archaeological Society archive. According to Scientific, it was the second recording of the Masculine Sun. Earlier, he had recorded sunset in 1898 India, but the recording of the movie was stolen, which was never seen later.

BFI is a welfare organization that preserves historical movies. The BFI has resorted the original footage to 4K quality. So users on YouTube will be able to view it at 720p resolution only. BFI says they get the frame to the frame What is the frame re-assembled?
It is quite easy to record sunlight in today's era. The last sunset in America happened in 2017, which was seen by 215 million people. The next time the United States will come in 2024, if someone loses the opportunity, he will have to wait till 2045.


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