Tik Tok's Influencers' exploitation of children and youth for the gifts of influenza

Tik Tok's Influencers' exploitation of children and youth for the gifts of influenza

The Audio Sharing app Tick Talk has expressed regret that some kids and teens had the pressure to send money to their favorite influenza by the app.

Tick ​​Talks allow fans to send 'digital gift' to their favorite video creators, which can cost around $ 4 £.

BBC research has shown that influenza promises fans to share their phone number with their replacement.

Tick ​​Talk has said that he will strengthen his policies and guidelines, but he did not make it clear how he could do so.

Claire (not the real name) told BBC News that she regrets that she has to spend 100 pounds to get her favorite tick talk phone number and she never replies to her phone. Given.

Claire is 12 years old and she lives in Northwest England. He sent Tick Talk Star Sebastian Mood's 48.99 pound 'drama queen' so that he could express his liking for his video.

And when he said more gifts instead of giving his phone number, he was thinking that moment.

The United States-based Talk Video Builder is 38 million fans of MoE and they have not violated any app's rules.

They did not respond to the reports made by the BBC.

Rapid growth
Tick ​​Talk is the fastest growing social media app and has 50 million permanent users, but the company does not tell the number of users. However, it is estimated that over one billion times it has been downloaded on app stops.

Users can put videos up to 15 seconds under this app. It offers young songs (lip-sinking) and dancing facilities on the latest trending songs.

The company says it is very popular among the youth of 16 to 24 years but there are evidence that their users also have children under 13, which violate the app's code of conduct.

Promise of reward
For ten weeks, the BBC monitored dozens of live broadcasts in which the star of the app called the fans gifts.

In exchange for this, they promised that they would follow them on social media in exchange for them, or make songs along with them, including the video of his fan with a star on the piece of talk talk split screen. May be.

A star promised to talk to her fan on the 'One Week' Installation Gram and she received a total of 147 pounds of gifts.

Some video makers promise to share their phone numbers and messages on exchange for gifts in a constant manner.

The BBC also discovered during a research that a group who interprets to give gifts to the app on the app, later asks for money instead of contacting them directly to 'write' and 'follow'. .

Stanton's Stephen Barber found out that his 11-year-old daughter has made $ 400 a bill.

He said: 'When I found out what was spent on me, I got a deep shock.'

'I asked my daughter that you did not get anything instead of her, she said nothing was found.'

'Adults should know well even if other youth should also know that you can not ask for money from children.'

Tick ​​Talk's second fan, Kelly told the BBC that he spent five hundred six hundred dollars on digital gifts. Now they do not send gifts because they think they are exploited.

Kelly said: 'I feel that people want to earn money from social media these days, but I think it is being pulled down from the youth's circle that you have to pay attention to attain attainment or appreciation.'

Riesz, 20, says she did not even know how much she spent more than one thousand pounds.

He said 'Giving a gift on a piece of talk is like a joke. It gets addictive. At this time, I did not see any mistake but now it feels that she was not worth it. '

'There is nothing to show me in return. She was my favorite but I think there should be some kind of restriction or timout function. "

The BBC tried to tick a lot of talk star, who was seen using this technique of money but most of them did not respond.

Sense of crime
Nifty Brothers have made 25 lakh followers in this platform just six months.

25-year-old Polish-born Brotherhood in Lincoln's area of ​​Poland, is known for her dance and comedy skies.

Instead of giving $ 50 a price 'dramatic coin' gift, they promise to follow their fans and if their fans send them more gifts, they promise to write their heads.

He told the BBC that recently he has begun to send gifts for the gift of gifts because he presents his gifts regularly.

He says he is walking on the footsteps of other important video makers on this platform and that most people sending them gifts are about 30 years old.

However, he said that when a young man sends a gift to him, he must have a feeling of guilt.

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