World's First All Screen Mobile Phone Design Leaked

The world's first all-screen smartphone design has surfaced

At the moment, the design of all smartphones is almost identical and the screen-to-body ratio of the display could not be up to 100%, due to notches or other sensors that have to bezel.

But a Chinese company has figured out a solution and expects it to completely purge the phone screen from the bezel.
Twitter user Ice University shares a picture of the front and back glass of the Chinese company Vivo's new concept phone NX3 with edges up to 90 degrees.

Previously, VivoX was given an impressive 91.24 percent screen-to-body ratio, while the Bexel was further reduced in Nexus 2.
But the Vivo Nexus 3 will use warp round glass to remove the hull and notch and the screen-to-body ratio will be 100%.

Other details of this phone have not yet been revealed, nor has the company indicated its manufacture.
It is not yet clear whether the selfie camera will be popped up or installed inside the screen.

The phone is expected to be Snapdragon 855+ processor and may be revealed sometime later this year.
The company had displayed the device front on the Nexus Dual as well as on the back.
The purpose was to eliminate the need for a selfie camera on the front screen, which could be used for selfie on the back screen.

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