News: President Of SoftBank Accidentally Leaked Launch Date Of The iPhone 11

The president of SoftBank accidentally reported the launch date of the iPhone 11

On the eve of the quarterly financial report release, SoftBank Mobile, Japan's president Ken Miyachi, incorrectly reported the release date of the iPhone 11. The iPhone 11 will be released 10 days before the end of September, he said. This means that the sale of the iPhone 11 will begin on September 20. This date is different from previous iPhone releases.
Miyachi in reply to a journalist's question mistakenly disclosed this date.
The journalist asked him about the Communication Law, which began October 1.

Under the new law, Japan's mobile phone carrier will have to separately state the cost of the device and the cost of the data in the clearance contract. Miyachi commented that he did not know how SoftBank would handle it at the launch of the iPhone 10 days before the law was enforced.
At the same time, Miyachi realized his mistake. He immediately said that no one knows when the iPhone will launch. However, the damage was done.
Earlier, the iPhone Ten S and Ten S Max were launched on September 21. The Tan R came out in October. This year it looks like all three phones will be released simultaneously.

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