Apple's iPhone to be manufactured in India for sale

Apple's iPhone to be manufactured in India for sale

In April this year, the news came out that Apple, the US company that holds the honor of the world's largest smartphone maker, will soon launch its phones in India. According to reports, Apple will manufacture new models of iPhones with the help of Taiwanese phone maker 'Foxconn' in India. However, it was not stated how long Apple will produce the phone in India, but now the news has come out that the American company first introduced the phones made in India for sale.

According to technology firm Nine to Five Mac, Apple has introduced the first phone to be made in India, the iPhone XR. According to the report, the iPhone designed the 'XR' made in India at its California plant, but the mobile was assembled in India. Apple had already introduced this phone for sale worldwide, including the United States, but now after the phone is made in India, it has been offered for sale.

According to the Gulf Times, the iPhone XR was manufactured in Taiwan's factory 'Foxconn', a partner of the US company. A locally made phone in India was also offered for sale on October 21 and is priced at Rs 49,900. It is thought that the iPhone XR made in India will soon be offered for sale in the Gulf countries including South Asia.

Made in India, the phone made by the US company has been offered for sale at a lower price.

This is Apple's first phone to be manufactured in South Asia and now it is thought that mobile will be made in India for the South Asian market.

On the other hand, Samsung, the largest smartphone maker, is also working on developing its mobile in India and inaugurated its largest factory in July last year.

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