Facebook Is Reportedly Locking Users Out For Reporting Fake Accounts | #FacebookLockOut

Facebook Started Blocking The Accounts Of Fake Accounts

Facebook is blocking real accounts of people who are identifying others with fake accounts. Facebook blocks such people's accounts for several days. There is also a trend on Twitter about #FacebookLockOut.

According to details, users who identify fake accounts of others, Facebook locates their accounts and asks for proof of their identity.
Even if users scan and send their ID card, Facebook still doesn't allow them to log into the account.

Facebook blocked a user for a week after reporting a fake account to a user named Cory Comar. They started the trend on Twitter. The issue is also affecting Facebook pages and Instagram ads. This means that users whose accounts are locked, if they are the admins of a business page, cannot access those pages.
Such events are not new to Facebook. Some users reported similar issues in July.

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