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Friday, 25 October 2019

Pak Supporters Not Allowed To Protest In Front Of Indian High Commission On Diwali In London

Pak supporters not allowed to protest in front of Indian High Commission on Diwali in London

London / New Delhi: The British administration has refused to allow pro-Pakistan separatists preparing to demonstrate in front of the Indian High Commission in London on the Kashmir issue on Diwali. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said in the House of Common on Wednesday that violence in a demonstration is completely unacceptable. A day later, London Metropolitan Police Scotland Yard confirmed that it had banned the group applying to take out the protest march.
Deputy Assistant Commissioner of Metropolitan Police Matt Twist said, "We understand the relevance of the protest date for the protesters but at the same time we are also looking at the Hindu festival Diwali which is on this day." My aim is to balance the rights of the protesters and the people affected by this day.

Earlier it was reported that India had strongly raised the issue of demonstrations in support of Pakistan in front of the Indian High Commission based in London, and the UK also assured that it would take all possible steps to maintain law and order.

In New Delhi, Foreign Ministry spokesman Ravish Kumar said that there were two anti-India protests which were sponsored by Pakistan. We raised our case in this matter before the British Government".

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