WhatsApp For MAC & Windows - Free Download Latest Version

WhatsApp For PC Latest Version - Free Download
Although WhatsApp began as an app designed for mobile phones, today we can also enjoy it on our personal computer. Before we needed an Android emulator to be able to run the application on the computer.

And is that WhatsApp has become the most widespread and universal application in the market, with versions for all types of devices and operating systems, which is said to be a full-scale cross-platform application.

To install WhatsApp on PC we have to download the version according to our team:

>You need to download WhatsApp for Windows if you have a PC with the Microsoft operating system.

>You have to download WhatsApp for Mac if you have a Mac OSX 10.9 or higher computer.
You should know that when you first start WhatsApp desktop you will be asked to scan the QR code to link your mobile. Well, this can be done by entering the application from your mobile, clicking on the three points that appear in the upper right (menu) and in the drop-down choose the WhatsApp Web option, the camera will open to scan and you just have to bring it closer to the QR code. Having done these steps you will have the application ready to use.

Advantages of using WhatsApp on PC
It is much more comfortable to type from a physical keyboard, it is also much faster and more reliable in terms of spelling errors.
Another advantage is that you can send files directly from the laptop. You will not need to pass them from your computer to your mobile and then send them.
It is also more comfortable when managing contacts, chats, deleting messages or entire chats.
In short, it provides great comfort and speed for the same functions you can do with the mobile version.

How to use WhatsApp Web
This is the version of WhatsApp for PC, but without installing any program, we will use it from our internet browser, we can say that it is a type of WhatsApp online.
To use WhatsApp Web we need to have Chrome on our computer, the best internet browser. From Chrome we enter WhatsApp Web and it is all very simple, the QR code will appear, which we will have to scan from our mobile to link it and ready to use, that easy.

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