Microsoft Uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) To Diagnose Cervical Cancer In India

Microsoft uses artificial intelligence to diagnose cervical cancer in India

Cervical cancer causes about 60,000 women deaths every year worldwide. Of these, 67,000 are from India alone. Effective screening and early diagnosis can cure the disease. Microsoft has begun using artificial intelligence in India to diagnose cervical cancer. SRL Diagnostics is the largest diagnostic tool in India.

It is working closely with Microsoft to diagnose. This company analyzes 1 million samples every year. 98% of these samples are normal and 2% are abnormal. The company wants to make the analysis of those 2% samples possible soon. So that the observations from it can be used as training data.

Based on this data, cervical cancer can be diagnosed at an early stage by analyzing sample images from a Microsoft-generated API. Can also be used for diagnosing other types.
Cervical cancer is a cancer of the reproductive organs in women, in which there is an abnormal growth of cells in the cervix, which can invade cells from other parts of the body.
Early symptoms of the disease include abnormal amounts of bleeding during the menstrual period, prolonged periods of menstrual periods, feeling pain in the cervix and frequent urination.

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