TikTok Girl 'Hareem Shah' Appear With The Politicians Of PTI? | Who Is Hareem Shah? | Hareem Shah Scandel

Hareem Shah: TikTok Girl Appear With The Politicians Of PTI? | Who Is Hareem Shah? | Hareem Shah Scandel

His photographs were first made inside a government office in Islamabad and he became a fan of the news. Remember that it is not easy for a common man in Pakistan to access the interior of a high government office without special invitation. The question that was being asked at that time too was:

Who is Hareem Shah in the end?
A few months later, Hareem Shah is in the news again. On Sunday, the social networking site posted a hashtag #HareemShahScandal on Twitter, and once again on Monday, his name appeared in Trends.

The main reason was the video, which he allegedly released from his Twitter account two days ago but was removed a few hours later. However, that video is still available on social media.

This video was allegedly a recording of every video call. In this, Harem Shah is apparently heard video chatting with a federal minister.

In response to this, Harem Shah accuses them of falling into the category of sexual harassment, if true. The person on the other side ends the call.

What happened after the video came out?
Since then personal photos of Harem Shah have been circulating on social media. In this, they can be seen sitting in a room with a man as if he is sitting on a chair and Harem is sitting on his leg. His face, however, has been hidden.

On Monday, the recording of another audio call was circulated on Twitter, which allegedly could be heard in a conversation with a minister in the Punjab province of Harem Shah.

The focus of the conversation in this call is the incident when Harem Shah and his accomplice Sandal Khattak were seen making video with journalist Mubashir Luqman on the plane.

In the recording of the call shared on Twitter, a man identified as a provincial minister belonging to the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf can be heard using a Nazi language about a journalist. He urges Harim Shah not to talk to anyone on the media.

'She's going to become another Kandel Baloch'
In the debate on Twitter, some users have even talked about the safety of Harimat Shah, while some users have warned them by comparing them with Kandel Baloch.
Journalist Owais Mangalawala wrote: 'Some wise person met Harimam Shah and explained to him. They are on their way to becoming the next Kandel Baloch. ”

However, many consumers seem to be asking, 'Who is Harimam Shah and who is the ruling party of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf with ministers and politicians?
One user, Hafiz Khilji, wrote: 'This is a shame for us. These girls are constantly spreading videos of state ministers. It is surprising that all the scandals belong to PTI leaders.

Why Pakistan PTI?
Harem Shah first appeared as 'TikTok Girl'. She identified herself in that regard.

Harem Shah has released photos and videos of himself through his Twitter and Talk Talk accounts in which he has appeared with various PTI politicians in various public and non-governmental places.

Some time ago, photos and videos of the Parliament Lodges allotted to members of Parliament in Islamabad were also revealed.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf has already said that it does not hold any office within the party. However, she has gained access to many events and offices by portraying herself as a PTI activist.

'Who is Harem Shah?'
A prominent woman member of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) spoke to the BBC on the condition of anonymity. He said that the impression that Harem Shah had a special status at the party level or had any influence.
'There is no way, they are reaching out to politicians and ministers by taking advantage of being their woman and being beautiful. Men are just like you know in our society. '

Harem Shah is reportedly speaking to local media and also on social media claiming that 'he has videos or secrets of several other ministers that he could disclose if they were tried to harm him. . '

The PTI woman said, 'It is not necessary for them to be truthful and they have no videos but men (ministers or politicians) are scared. Everyone loves their honor. '
In his view, 'it is possible that some weakness of these men is in his hands'.

'Why is a woman so central to morality?'
Harem Shah's videos and photos have also been criticized on Twitter, and talks are taking place in the character category. However, some are also asking the question, 'Why is a woman the center of such matters?'

One user, Ahmed Abbas Butt, wrote: 'I am not talking about any character but why is the Harem's scandal trending? Why not the politicians involved? When questioning one's morals, why do we make women the center? '

Mukhtar Khan wrote that 'targeting Harem Shah is correct but no one is talking about these politicians. They should be removed from their ministries.'

'Both girls are innocent'
Social media has also been circulating pictures of his and his accomplice Sandal Khattak's identity cards and passports after the release of videos and photos of him by Harem Shah. Their real names and all other information are posted through them.

Many users on social media are also talking about their safety. Farah Raja, a user on Twitter wrote, 'Both girls are stupid / innocent in the Harimam scandal. They are completely unaware of the risks they are putting themselves in. One user advocate, Tahir Khan Vival, quoted the identity documents of the two girls as' it is only coincidence that Harem Shah yesterday threatened PTI with regard to videos and today his photographs, ID card and passport are on the Internet. There are leaks everywhere. '
The BBC contacted Harem Shah to discuss the matter but did not receive any response from his contact numbers.


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