How To Enable Dark Mode In WhatsApp (OFFICIALLY) | WhatsApp Beta 2.20.13 APK Free Download

How To Enable Dark Mode In WhatsApp (OFFICIALLY) | WhatsApp Beta 2.20.13 APK Free Download

Dark mode in WhatsApp for Android
After countless tests, WhatsApp has begun to activate the possibility of using the dark mode in version 2.20.13 beta of the application. If you are signed up for the WhatsApp beta program, the update will automatically reach you via Google Play without you having to do anything.

If you are not signed up for the beta program, you can download and install this version from its APK on legit pages like APK Mirror. It is foreseeable that in a few weeks the novelty will be extended to the official version of the application.

WhatsApp gives you two ways to switch to dark mode, according to your preferences. One of them is manually and regardless of whether the rest of the system is dark or not, and the second is synchronized with the rest of the system. These are the options:

System default. On mobiles with a "general switch" to activate the dark mode, WhatsApp will turn black when the dark mode is activated in the system (from quick settings, for example) and will be deactivated when deactivated.

Light. This is the curious name given to the normal design, with clear, bright or "white" backgrounds.

Dark. This option will activate the dark mode, even if the rest of the mobile phone is not using it.

You must press OK to save the changes and then WhatsApp will automatically switch to dark mode, with dark gray backgrounds, although not totally black. The interface itself loses most colors, although it remains highlighted in dark green.

In short, switching WhatsApp to dark mode is really easy. In fact, if you choose the "System Default" option, the WhatsApp theme will automatically change just like the mobile. Here is a summary of the steps to put WhatsApp in dark mode:

Install version 2.20.13 beta or higher of WhatsApp

Touch on the menu button ⋮

Enter Settings

Play in Chats

Touch on Theme

Choose Dark

At the moment the dark theme of WhatsApp is available only in the WhatsApp beta for Android, although it is predictable that it will end up at some point also to the beta for iOS. It's hard to find a place, but you can sign up for the WhatsApp beta for iOS.

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