Filmora Split Screen Not Showing | How To Fix It | .JSON File Free Download

Filmora Split Screen Not Showing | How To Fix

Hi Guys, This is Jolie from Syed Badshah Official, In this article, we're going to tackle an issue in your Wondershare Filmora. Whenever you install filmora software into your computer then sometimes the Split Screen option will not be installed. So, Today we're here with the permanent solution to this issue.

Top Highlights:

1.Why Not Showing


3.Is It Safe

4.Any Tutorial

1.Why Not Showing:-

Whenever you install filmora into your computer sometimes due to lack of internet connectivity this issue occurred or sometimes it may depend on your computer hardware & also it is possible that sometimes it just a crash or a bug in the installation file.


The solution is very simple to go & download our.json file from below & just copy-paste it into the installation folder "LOCAL DISK C> PROGRAM FILE> WONDERSHARE & then paste it here". That's it your split-screen is now back!!

3.Is It Safe:-

If you're downloading this file from Syed Badshah Official then, this file is 100% safe from any kind of malware. Because Syed Badshah Official promises their customers to provide secure & malware-free files.

4.Any Tutorial:-

Yes, our CEO Syed Ali Hamza also made a complete dedicated video about how & where to copy-paste this file. So, "CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO TUTORIAL"





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