Many websites claim to have free VPN downloads, but if you take a look at them you realize that the VPNs they offer:

They cannot be downloaded directly without registering. They are not really free. They are of very poor quality and do not provide the service you need

Instead, most of the following VPNs can be downloaded without having to register and provide personal information such as your name, email address, or credit card. Not only does this get you started with your VPN in an instant but it also allows you to preserve your privacy, which is surely one of the reasons you want to use a VPN.

Since most of the VPNs that we will talk about are free, they will have some disadvantages compared to the premium services that you have to pay for. This means that they either limit your data in order for you to switch to a payment plan, or they show you ads (they have to pay the bills in some way, right?).

That said, these VPNs are pretty cool. Whether you need a VPN to access geo-restricted content, protect yourself from hackers, or have anonymity when browsing the Internet, you will surely find the right option for you.

We know what you're thinking: Psiphon is not a free VPN (in fact, its price is somewhat steep), so why is it on this list?

The truth is that the other VPNs we mention here are all pretty solid, and you may find them good for you whatever the reason you need a VPN. However, we would not be helping you at all if we did not include a VPN that we know is very complete and does not disappoint.

Psiphon has everything you could need from a VPN: impeccable security, unblocking geo-restricted content like Netflix US and censored websites in China, and the high speeds you need to download torrents and enjoy streaming content without pauses.

In addition, PsiphonVPN has a 30-day money-back guarantee, so if you only need a VPN for a trip to China or to be protected in a place where you will use public WiFi, you can get it for free.

Thousands of servers in 90+ countries for unmatched speeds and access to content from around the world

  • Optimized servers ideal for torrenting and streaming movies
  • Military-grade encryption that protects you from surveillance and hackers
  • A proven no-logs policy so no one can monitor your internet activity

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