The king program for design

When one is entering the world of design for the first time, the most repeated name is one: Adobe Illustrator CC. The king of vector graphics design software is the one chosen by industry professionals when creating their creations. It offers all the imaginable options to create posters, icons, logos, web design tools and a long etcetera. And as if that were not enough, it has great compatibility with the rest of the Adobe suite.

What is Adobe Illustrator CC

Adobe is one of the best-known brands when it comes to creating audiovisual content, whether through images, logos, videos, etc. The brand offers solutions of all kinds to unleash the imagination through its software, and this great conglomerate includes Adobe Illustrator, but what exactly is Adobe Illustrator CC?

Behind this name is the tool best known to all graphic design professionals. The program allows the creation of standard vector graphics, as well as designs for mobile devices, logos, icons, posters (small and large scale) and much more.

As if all this were not enough, Adobe Illustrator also allows the creation of creatives for web design. If you want to create a portal for the future, Illustrator is perfect to take advantage of the design of that web page. All the visual elements of the website can be created from scratch with this program.

Can I use Illustrator on other devices?

Adobe has spent years working hard to keep all of its products in sync in unison. In this way, the compatibility between the two is very high, which gives the possibility of using a large part of the files in other programs of the conglomerate created by Adobe such as Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Premiere Pro. Likewise, they can also be used on other devices.

In the specific case of Adobe Illustrator, its best company falls on the iPad version. Both PC and tablet share an ecosystem thanks to Adobe Creative Cloud. Thanks to this function, it can be designed anywhere by having the materials synchronized with the cloud. What has started the design on PC and is it necessary to continue it on the iPad? Well, it is enough to have everything in Creative Cloud to continue the work on the Apple tablet.

As a curious note, the latest major update to Adobe Illustrator for iPad has optimization for the Apple Pencil. The sensitivity of Apple's hardware, with high fidelity thanks to the pressure points it has, allows Adobe Illustrator to enjoy a number of additional fundamentals when creating graphic designs. In addition, it can also be transported to Adobe Photoshop in just a few seconds to choose the program that best fits.

What can you do with Illustrator and what are its features?

The main utility that Adobe Illustrator has is to create designs of all kinds. For example, with this program you can design all the elements of a poster at a professional level. Thanks to the almost 20,000 text fonts available, any letter-level creativity will be available in the program. In addition, you can always add new ones quickly and easily.

And can't you create new fonts? Of course yes. With Illustrator you can also design your own and apply them to your vector designs, either to make a simple logo or even to design a mug. In addition, thanks to the program being based on vectors, all illustrations will remain sharp even when enlarged to the maximum, which serves to not lose quality in the final product.

The design software has an almost infinite number of tools to get the most out of it that the user wants. From filters to composition elements, Adobe Illustrator incorporates it within its capabilities.

Is it difficult to handle Adobe Illustrator?

It would be absurd to deny that Adobe Illustrator has a high barrier to entry. This program is made by professionals for professionals, which is not to say that someone who is learning cannot use it.

Newbies will have to spend hours to internalize the interface and the most basic commands. However, the program also thinks about them by introducing templates and extensive tutorials in the help section. In this way, Illustrator itself wants that user to become a professional as quickly as possible, and offers the way to achieve it.

Experiment, create and bring out all your creativity. Testing is part of the learning process of any vector software tool, be it Inkscape or CorelDraw.




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