How to Create Golden Title Effect | Step by Step | Free Template

 How to Create Golden Title Effect

This effect is mostly used in Cinematic Weddings, Movie Trailer e.t.c, In this article, we're going to learn how to make the golden title effect easily with just some tricks. Follow the steps below:

1. Editing Software

2. Template File

3. How to Edit

1. Editing Software:

In the first step, you just need editing software to make this beautiful effect. There are many pro-level editing software available in the market like Adobe Premiere Pro, Wondershare Filmora X, Edius, Sony Vegas e.t.c. It's totally up to you which software you chose to edit.

2. Template File:

Today we're also sharing template files so that you can easily make this effect. This effect is Free Of Copyright Issues. You're free to use this effect on any social media platform like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram e.t.c.

3. How to edit:

There are many ways you can edit this file just by dragging & dropping it. So, First of all, ready your text or logo "Keep in mind that your logo or text background will be always black" then simply drag the Wrinkles footage on the top of all layers & change its blending mode to "DARKEN". Now its time to add flare simply drag & drop the "Flare" file on the top of the layer, Now the final step is you have to drag & drop the Main Background file on the top of the layer & change its blending mode to "LIGHTEN OR SCREEN", That's it your Beautiful Golden Text Title effect is now ready to export.


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