Why did TURKEY change his Name?? | What is the new name of TURKEY??



Turkey will now be known as Turkiya

Following Ankara's request to change the country's name, Turkiya will now be honored by its new name at the United Nations. 

Multitudinous transnational associations will also be asked to change Turkey's name. The name change is part of a crusade by Turkish President Rajab Tayyip Erdogan to give the country a new identity. 

In December last time, President Rajab Tayyip Erdogan said that" Turkiya is a complete and accurate reflection of its people, culture, civilization, and values." 

The United Nations says the change was made as soon as the request was entered this week. 


The maturity of the Turkish people formerly calls their country Turkey. nonetheless, the name used in English is still extensively used in Turkey. 

The state-run news agency TRT began using it last time following a presidential advertisement, citing reasons it was necessary because there was a raspberry named Turkey that People of the Christian denotation eat especially at Christmas, New Year's, and Thanksgiving. 


 At the same time it was refocused out that according to the meanings of the Turkish word given in the English language Cambridge Dictionary, Turkey is called a' stupid or foolish' person or used for such a thing. Goes to those who have' failed miserably'. 

As part of Turkey's identity change crusade, all products made in Turkey will be labeled" Made in Turkey" and an advertising crusade to promote tourism was launched in January this time using" Hello Turkey".

The move has drawn mixed responses on social media. It's being pursued roundly by the government, but some believe it's a futile attempt to divert attention from the country's severe profitable extremity a time before the general election. 

The decision by countries to change their names is nothing new. 

In 2020, the Netherlands stopped using the name Holland. 

Macedonia had earlier changed its name to Northern Macedonia due to a political disagreement with Greece, and Swaziland changed its name to E Swatini in 2018. 

Still, the Persian word used for Iran, Siam is now Thailand and Rhodesia is now Zimbabwe, If we go further back.

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