How to create graphics with CorelDRAW X3 to make a full screen PDF presentation?

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How to create graphics with CorelDRAW X3 to make a full-screen PDF presentation

With CorelDRAW X3  you'll create extraordinary presentations with graphics. To display your presentation full screen,  you want to export the document to PDF format.

There  may be a  step-by-step description of how to create a presentation with graphics and text:

Open CorelDRAW X3  and begin a new document.

Click the Horizontal button on the property bar.

No matter what size the document is,  the top result, ie the PDF will fit the screen.

2. Master page creation

First of all,  you would like to create a master page. A master page contains all the planning elements that will be displayed on all pages,  for instance, the background, a logo, a title, etc.

Select Window | Dockable windows | Object manager. A dockable window opens on  the proper  side of the screen:

Right-click Master Page and choose  New Master Layer.

Rename the layer to “General” and a replacement layer called “Master General” will be created.

Select an appropriate image for the background on CD 3 of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X3. Insert the CD into the  CD-ROM drive. Select the menu Window | Dockable windows | Scrapbook | Explore. Select the specified image or clipart and drag it from the dockable window onto the page, where it'll be inserted into your document. Scale the image by dragging the midpoints on the highest side of the image until it fits on the page.

Regardless of the image, you have chosen for the background,  it'll always interfere with text and other messages. For this reason, you ought to create some information boxes that highlight text and messages.

To create info boxes, insert two rectangles as shown within the image below, using the Rectangle tool on the toolbar.

To round the corners of rectangles, select the rectangle. Select the form tool on the toolbar.

The rectangle has 4 anchor points, one at each corner.  once you drag one of these points,  you'll round the corners.

Notice that the property bar follows your mouse movement, indicating that you simply can type roundness values ​​in those fields.

Fill the rectangles with 50% gray using the Fill Tool. This color is right for white text.

Copy the rectangles and paste them on the page, fill them with black and resize them to feature  a black area on top of them as shown in the image above.\

The rectangle on the left is going to be used as the navigation area, while the rectangle on the proper will be used for the information itself.  you'll want to draw a dark gray line to separate the title from secondary information.

To draw the road, select the Bezier tool from the freehand drawing tools flyout.

Right-click on a  color in the color palette and it will change the color of the line.

Select menu File | Import,  to place your company logo in the upper right frame. Browse the folders until you discover the logo and click the Import button in the Import dialog.

Using  the sort  tool, write the title text in a  slightly subdued color (eg, 30% black):

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