Wondershare Filmora 11.6 | New Features | Complete Review


About Filmora Version 11.6:

Recently, Team Wondershare launched their new software named Wondershare Filmora 11.6. This software comes with various new features & also the successor of the old versions of Filmora. Currently, this software is available in Beta Version for testing purposes But in the mid of February 2022, the Software is going to launch officially for Video Editors.


About Wondershare:

Wondershare Company deals with many tools like Recovery Media, Antivirus, Video Editing Software & More.

Top New Features:

Here are some new features that come with Wondershare Filmora 11.6.

1.Wondershare Creative Center

2.Instant Mode

3.Auto Montage Maker

4.Template Presets

5.Speed Ramping

6.Improved Masks

7.Open FX

8.Stock Media

9.InClowdz Service

10.RGB Curves

11.Timer Toolkit Effects

12.TTS Support SRT Files

Wondershare Creative Center:

Wondershare Creative Center lets you choose your favorite tool in one place, Basically, this is the tool page that is easily accessible with Filmora V11.

Instant Mode:

Filmora 11 Comes with an instant mode feature that is very easy to use & this is a time saving feature. This feature allows you to save video editing time & edit your videos instantly with a few clicks.

Auto Montage Maker:

This feature lets you make the montages of your Videos automatically with just a few clicks. This feature is only available in Filmora 11.

Template Presets:

Now filmora 11 comes with many Free Template Presets that will definitely save your video editing time.

Speed Ramping:

Speed Ramping is one of the most awaited features of Wondershare Filmora. Now filmora 11 supports this feature and from now you can edit speed ramping effects in your Filmora.

Improved Masks:

This is not a feature itself but Wondershare improves their masks, now you can animate the masks & customize them according to your needs.

Open FX:

This effect pack includes some paid Visuals effects packs available for filmora users for Free. This pack includes Boris FX & Advance VFX.

Stock Media:

Now Wondershare Filmora 11 Comes with an inbuilt stock media feature that lets you download & use 100% Free Of Copyright Stock footage in High Quality. Currently, Filmora 11 Supports Pixabay, Giphy & Unsplash more expected in future updates.

Inclowdz Service:

Filmora Version 11 now supports the Cloud Storage service, Which lets you save files online Or share files with clients. By signing up in Wondershare Filmora 11 you will get 1GB Of Free Cloud SSD Storage.

RGB Curves:

Filmora 11.6 comes with the new RGB Curves feature. This feature really helps you to maintain good color range in videos.

Timer Toolkit Effects:

Filmora 11.6 comes with timer toolkit effects this feature now lets you add timer animation in your videos.

TTS Support SRT Files:

TTS (Text To Speech) supports SRT Files, This feature lets you to use srt subtitle file in your videos.


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