Welcome to Syed Badshah Official, my name is Wendy in this article we're going to share some interesting news about filmora 12. This software is in beta testing & Wondershare gave this software to Filmora's Certified Creators.

We've some exciting features about filmora 12

1. Pen Tool

2. Smart Cutout

3. New User Interface

4. Layout Mode

5. Keyframe

6. Adjustment layer

7. 3D Titles

8. Noncopyrighted assets

1. Pen tool:

you can create free-form shapes using the Draw Mask tool (aka Pen tool). It lets you freely draw complex mask shapes around You can either draw straight lines or curved segments with Bezier's path.

2. Smart Cutout:

The Smart Cutout tool allows quick AI-powered selections of both people and objects.

3. New User Interface:

Edit your videos anywhere with Filmora, either on your desktop or on the go. Also supports transferring video clips from Filmora mobile version to the desktop for further editing via the cloud service.

4. Layout Mode:

you can choose from 5 predefined workspace layouts that fit your workflow and monitor size best.  You can also view media playback on an external monitor by choosing the "Dual Monitor" workspace.

5. Keyframe:

previously in V11 keyframe only works for limited parameters like Transform (position, rotation, scale), but now expanded to All parameters, even parameters for filters, and color correction. Best for creating fantastic keyframe animation.

6. Adjustment Layer:

you can create adjustment layers and use them to apply the same effect to multiple clips on the Timeline. Effects applied to an adjustment layer affect all layers below it in the layer stacking order.

7. 3D Titles:

New filmora 12 comes with 3D Titles. Create 3D titles easily from preset 3D templates.

8. Noncopyrighted assets:

100 new background music, even licensed for business purposes.

Watch Filmora 12 First Look & Impressions

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