Elon Musk: Get Blue Verified Tick on Twitter by paying monthly fees

Elon Musk fresh  gratuities for  druggies who earn Blue Tick by paying on Twitter

Elon Musk has  blazoned major changes to the Twitter Blue  point, saying that from April 15, only paid  vindicated  druggies will be entitled to  bounce in a bean and only their posts will be recommended to others.   Posts fromnon-paying  druggies won't be included in Suggested Tweets or' For You' under this policy.   Last week, Twitter said that the blue crack would be removed from certain accounts that hadn't paid for it in the  history and were still  vindicated under'  heritage'. These accounts were created before Musk bought Twitter.   druggies  presently pay seven bones

A month for BlueTick, which allows access to  fresh features.  Musk has said the changes are necessary to  fight growing  enterprises over advanced artificial intelligence bots." else we're losing this war."  " That is why verification will be  needed to  bounce in the  pates."   Elon Musk  preliminarily said that verification with payment increases the cost of using bots and makes them easier to identify.   still, some social media  druggies are unhappy with this move.   A former member of Twitter's verification  platoon, who didn't want to be  linked, told the BBC that" our  platoon's first precedence was to  cover  druggies from the world's  detriment, but this move is the  contrary of that."   Verified  druggies can use their authority and influence to spread false information, putting  druggies around the world at  threat. It's a silent  trouble that no bone

In November, Twitter Blue was introduced to chaos and some people paid to get the blue crack and impersonate big brands and celebrities to make them look real. Some people indeed pretended to be Elon Musk.   also Twitter suspended the  point in  lower than a week. It was greeted the following month.   Twitter Blue is now also used by controversial groups,  similar as Taliban  officers and  sympathizers in Afghanistan.   

Tweets from  vindicated  druggies get precedence over other  druggies, meaning their communication reaches  further people. These authenticated  druggies also get access to  fresh features,  similar as the edit button.   before, blue crack was only given to  notorious people to show that the said account is genuine. Twitter used to  give this  point without  plutocrat, but it was decided by the company itself.   Last week, Twitter said that the Legacy Verified program would be phased out and that some  heritage  vindicated accounts would lose their blue ticks starting April 1. 

 Twitter added that these accounts will have to pay to have a blue crack.  The presence of bots on social media platforms can reduce advertising  profit and disrupt paid subscription services.   Musk has  constantly said he's  upset about fake accounts on Twitter. He also delayed his plan to buy Twitter for$ 44 billion when he asked the company's  former  operation for details of the bots.   Potentially dangerous turn for Twitter'  Analysis by James Clayton.

Technology  journalist in North America   When Musk took over Twitter, he'd lofty  intentions about bringing back' free speech'. They wanted the platform to be' as  dependable as possible' and it' shouldn't be a means of making  plutocrat.'   But now Twitter's policy seems different from these ideas.   Realizing that growing advertising  profit is  delicate, Musk turned to a subscription- grounded model.   originally the  trade was intended to give  guests a' Blue Tick'  instrument if they paid a yearly  figure.   But the number of paying  guests didn't increase  incontinently. 

Musk chose a new path after declining advertising  profit and  failings in the subscription model.   There are two algorithms on Twitter- Suggested Tweets ie' for you' or  druggies you follow.   Elon Musk's new policy will affectnon-paying  guests.   This means that  dispatches from unverified Twitter  druggies are likely to admit smaller retweets and likes.

In addition, Elon Musk is also blocking the misinformation discovery system, which could be a dangerous moment for Twitter.   Former Twitter  workers believe this will make it easier for  pixies and people spreading misinformation.   The secret to Twitter's success used to be the quality of content available on it, but now that system seems to be dead. 

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