The use of modern technology in war is not new and modern warfare is full of all kinds of technology from artificial intelligence to drones and hypersonic missiles, but technology like Morse code, which is more than a century old, has also shown its importance. It has been and continues to be used. A hundred and fifty years ago, the waves of staccato tones instantly recognized by railway workers of the time are still being used by the Russian military during the war in Ukraine. Many people today can still recognize the distinctive sound of Morse code, the well-known pattern of three short, three long, then three short bells as an emergency signal, and this is what is used in SOS. It was an emergency signal. Even today, Morse code messages are sent from Russian bombers to their control rooms or from ships in the Baltic Fleet to their ground headquarters. 

19th century Invention:

So why is this technology invented in the early 19th century still being used today?

First of all, let me tell you that Morse code was not conceived by an engineer or a technologist but by a person who was an artist himself. Samuel Morris initially designed what we call the teleprinter today. It is a device that receives text and prints it on paper. Morris enlisted the help of Alfred Weil, a machinist with an interest in mechanics, to invent the machine. It was he who created dots and dashes to represent code and the idea of ​​using sound to transmit information. At first the purpose of sound for them was just to test a connection, but then they realized that the idea of ​​printing was not practical, but when they added sound to their experiment, they hit on a concept that spoke to their imagination. It was more wonderful and useful. The distinguishing feature of Morse code is that it creates a tone and rhythm in the form of sound. So it has common points like music and then it's seen whether people with musical ability can learn Morse code faster or not.

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