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April 06, 2022

Top Android Apps For Pro Users

Top Android Apps For Pro Users 2022

Hi guys, hope you're doing well, Welcome to our new article, in this article we're going to discuss with you all about top android applications that will make you a pro user of android. If you are a student or person that wanted to take a breath on your Son, Girlfriend, or Boyfriend's WhatsApp or take the fun with these cool android apps, Then you're at the right place. So, keep visiting our website regularly for the latest android apps hacking apps, etc.


This application is 100% safe for you on an android smartphone

Pikashow is mainly streaming High-Quality content from Netflix, Amazon Prime, Zee5, Cinema, Hotstar & Voot, Also this app stream Ultra High-Quality cricket on just your android smartphone.

Click below to download this app



This app is safe to use on Android smartphones

If you want to hack somebody's WhatsApp within minutes then, This application is best for you, This app is mainly used for students who wanted to take a breath on Their Girlfriend's WhatsApp with whom she's chatting, This app is a great source to get in touch & take a look on anyone's WhatsApp

Click below to download this app



Many of you guys, will be using Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome browsers for safe surfing of the internet. This browser app is one of the best browsers available for android smartphones, Here are some top features of this app

Inbuilt Ad Blocker

this app introduces a built ad blocker for your safe surfing. Are you tired of watching boring ads for different brands on the internet? Then this download is worth it.

In built VPN

This browser comes with a built VPN, that allows you to safe search on the internet & also unblocks all websites that you wanted to surf. The best part of this inbuilt VPN Is that this is 100% free, fast & secure.

Click below to download this app



A lot of users on WhatsApp hide their Last Seen & sometimes this feature is get worse and more annoying. So, this app will make last seen available for you, from now you're able to see anyone last seen without knowing them.

Advanced Features

– Free Trial of 24 hour

– Online and Offline Notifications accurately

– Last Seen Tracker 24/7

– Detailed Reports every time

– Export Reports

– Advanced Analysis

– Easy Use

– High-Quality and easy to understand Design

– One Tap Access to all details

How to use

Simply put that number that you wanted to track & press done, Now this app will automatically let you know about their online status on WhatsApp.

Click below to download this app


Calculator(Hidden Space)

This app is just amazing following are some amazing features of this app

Hide photos & videos

This calculator app is just amazing, You will be able to hide any of your photos or private videos by using this amazing app. If you're sitting in your friend's group & not want that your friend sees your pics or videos then this is the best app to hide your photos & videos.

Video Player & Built-in Photo Viewer

This Basic Amazing Calcular app also comes with an inbuilt Video Player & Photo viewer so that now you don't need multiple apps to play your multimedia, This app is in one bundle app.

Private Browser

If you wanted to surf safely on the internet then this app also comes with a private browser that let you use the internet safely.

Click on the download button below


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January 23, 2020

How To Enable Dark Mode In WhatsApp (OFFICIALLY) | WhatsApp Beta 2.20.13 APK Free Download

How To Enable Dark Mode In WhatsApp (OFFICIALLY) | WhatsApp Beta 2.20.13 APK Free Download

Dark mode in WhatsApp for Android
After countless tests, WhatsApp has begun to activate the possibility of using the dark mode in version 2.20.13 beta of the application. If you are signed up for the WhatsApp beta program, the update will automatically reach you via Google Play without you having to do anything.

If you are not signed up for the beta program, you can download and install this version from its APK on legit pages like APK Mirror. It is foreseeable that in a few weeks the novelty will be extended to the official version of the application.

WhatsApp gives you two ways to switch to dark mode, according to your preferences. One of them is manually and regardless of whether the rest of the system is dark or not, and the second is synchronized with the rest of the system. These are the options:

System default. On mobiles with a "general switch" to activate the dark mode, WhatsApp will turn black when the dark mode is activated in the system (from quick settings, for example) and will be deactivated when deactivated.

Light. This is the curious name given to the normal design, with clear, bright or "white" backgrounds.

Dark. This option will activate the dark mode, even if the rest of the mobile phone is not using it.

You must press OK to save the changes and then WhatsApp will automatically switch to dark mode, with dark gray backgrounds, although not totally black. The interface itself loses most colors, although it remains highlighted in dark green.

In short, switching WhatsApp to dark mode is really easy. In fact, if you choose the "System Default" option, the WhatsApp theme will automatically change just like the mobile. Here is a summary of the steps to put WhatsApp in dark mode:

Install version 2.20.13 beta or higher of WhatsApp

Touch on the menu button ⋮

Enter Settings

Play in Chats

Touch on Theme

Choose Dark

At the moment the dark theme of WhatsApp is available only in the WhatsApp beta for Android, although it is predictable that it will end up at some point also to the beta for iOS. It's hard to find a place, but you can sign up for the WhatsApp beta for iOS.

Click On The Download Button Below
WhatsApp 2.20.13 BETA APK

January 06, 2020

How To Play Two Songs At Once On Single Handsfree For Android

How To Play Two Songs At Once On Single Handsfree For Android

About This:-
Hi Guys, In this article I am going to tell you about a very simple & normal application with enables you to play 2 different songs on a single Handsfree or Headphone. As you all guys know that this feature is not available in built-in Stock Android or Custom Android. But, An app comes in the market that allows you to turn on this awesome feature.

How To Use:-
You simply need to download android app from our given download link & then simply install in your android smartphone. Then just simply open the app & their you will see 2 portions one is for "Left" side & second one is for "Right" side of earphone. Then, simply add your favorite music adios into the play then play & enjoy. You will also see a volume slider so that you can adjust the volume as much you need.

About This App:-
App Size: 4.4MB
Total Downloads: 100,000+
People Reviews: 998+
Rating: 4.3 / Everyone
Offered By:  Giulio Dellorbo
Last Updated On: 19 December 2019
Current Version: 4.1

Click On The Download Button Below

October 21, 2019

Avee Music Player (Pro) | Audio Spectrum, Audio Visualizer Maker Apk - Free Download

Avee Music Player (Pro) | Audio Spectrum, Audio Visualizer Maker Apk - Free Download

Description of  Avee Music Player Pro Apk:
The most successful music player application for Android. You can get the original audio quality reproduction here.

Please know before downloading: This application only a local music player, which do not provide online music search and download.

Main Features:
- Automatically detect music files on the phone, and add to the playlist;
- Support for playing the most common music format, such as mp3, mp4, etc. formats;
- Search and play your music by albums, artists, songs, playlists, folders and album artists.
- Custom color themes. Make your player more elegant.
- Lyric support.
- Custom playlist
- Drag to sort the playlist
- Show play recent songs
- Five equalizer bands.
- Edit the song details,
- Music Library extensive search. Find all the music has never been so easy.
- Get the album album cover
- Possibility to choose component style
- Extended notifications
- Offers four player mode options: cycle only, game order, list loop, Shuffle, etc .;
- Mutual Switch of the playlist page and single player page;
- Individual / pause music playback, playback progress, change of control operation of the previous file and the next one
- Free Audio Visualizer (Added)

Please enjoy the music player to make light, high efficiency, and all user-friendly experiences.


Click On The Download Button Below
Avee Music Player (Pro)

October 10, 2019

Google Talks With TikTok Competitor Firework About Possible Takeover | Download App

Google Talks With TikTok Competitor Firework About Possible Takeover
Sources have told The Wall Street Journal that Google is interested in buying the TikTok competition app fireworks. Sources say no contract has been finalized in this regard, nor has the application been priced.
The Wall Street Journal wrote that the current cost of fireworks could be $ 100 million. The application was created by former heads of Snap, LinkedIn and JP Morgan.
This application is an increasingly popular application tick competition application.

From this year, the number of monthly active users of TikTok is more than one billion, but the number of users of fireworks is not yet known. The company says billions of people use the app.
Up to 30 seconds of video can be uploaded to Fireworks. In this app, the video can be viewed both landscape and portrait.
Besides Google, Weibo and Chinese companies are also interested in buying fireworks. Click here to install this app.
October 07, 2019

Instagram Releases Thread Application For Close Friends | New Instagram App | Free Download

Instagram Releases Thread Application For Close Friends

Last November, Instagram announced a new feature Closed Friends. This feature allows users to share their storage with select followers. About a year later, the company announced a new app thread. This app can be used with Close Friends.
With this app, users will be able to share their photos and videos with the people in the close friend list and close friends will see their profile photo below the screen.
All you have to do is swipe up by taking a picture of yourself or shooting a video and tapping on their photos.
The app also has an inbox, in which people on Instagram's close friend list can also send private messages. With Close Friends, you can chat while still on the main Instagram app.
But there is a separate place in the thread to talk to the close friend.

The threads also have a feature status. This is similar to the WhatsApp app feature, which can also be applied to Auto Status. In Auto Status, the app will automatically display the status of your app when you are in a cafe. Likewise, AutoStats will impose "low battery" status when the battery is low. Instagram owner company Facebook says that the data sent to the thread server is not stored. It is only stored on the device and will be terminated if the application is deleted.
Thread is being released to Android and iOS users all over the world.

Instagram Beta Apk Free Download

September 23, 2019

Now You Can Also Share WhatsApp Status Directly On Facebook Story | WhatsApp New Feature..!!!

Now You Can Also Share WhatsApp Status Directly On Facebook Story

Facebook-owned application WhatsApp launched a new feature experiment in June. It lets users share their WhatsApp status in the Facebook story. Now the company begins releasing this feature to general users.
The WhatsApp has not yet made any formal announcement about the release of this feature, but many users have reported that the feature is active on Twitter.

Many users with Android version 2.19.258 of WhatsApp can use this feature.
However, this feature has not yet been released to most users of IOS and Europe.
WhatsApp has also created a help page on its website, from which users can see a step-by-step way of sharing WhatsApp status in Facebook Story. Click here to visit this page.
Remember that the WhatsApp status shared in the Facebook story will not be end-to-end encrypted. This feature is only available if you have Facebook for Android, Facebook for iOS and Facebook Lite installed.
Download WhatsApp Latest Version APK
WhatsApp Beta .Apk
WhatsApp New Update
WhatsApp Beta APK Download
How To Share Your WhatsApp Story Directly On Facebook's Story
WhatsApp New Feature
September 19, 2019

11th Class Result 2019 - 1st Year Result 2019 | F.A, F.S.C, I.COM Result | Result Checker .Apk

11th Class Result 2019 | 1st Year Result 2019 | Board Of Intermediate & Secondary Education | BISE

Hi Guys In this article of today, I am going to give you an application that you can use to find out the results of any of your boards. Friends this application will provide you with a Handsome Purpose Result. Find out about the results of your Ninth and accompanying Metric, Inter (11th & 12th Class Result) and B.A B.ED has been launched by the Friends of the World of Application Knowledge that you can use directly to your mobile phone. You can find the results of any board on the screen and you can download your admission here. You can download the admission form and with it you can also have your admission badge here ie you can sell your admission to the boarders friends link download this application link below ten corruption From there, you can download this application from the forum by clicking the download button as this offer is on Limited Time then you will not be able to view the offer on our website. So take advantage of this immediately and download this application right away Thanks.

Download Result Mobile App .Apk
12th Class Result 2019
12th class result 2019 sahiwal board
12th class result 2019 gujranwala board BiseGRW
12th Class Result 2019 Sargodha Board
12th Class Result 2019 Lahore Board
12th Class Result 2019 Rawalpindi Board
12th Class Result 2019 Faisalabad Board
12th Class Result 2019 Multan Board
How To Check 12th Class Result 2019
Inter Part 2 Result 2019
August 23, 2019

Read WhatsApp Deleted Messages | WAMR Android App - Free Download

WAMR Android App - Free Download
Read WhatsApp Deleted Messages

Hi Guys, Ajj kay is article mein man aapko aik aisy Android app deny jaa raha hun jis ki madad say aap koi bhi deleted WhatsApp Message Ko Wapis laa sktein hain. Dosto is Application ki khas baat yeh hai k is ki madad say aap na sirf WhatsApp Balky is k ilawa Instagram, Facebook Messenger Or Baqi Sabhi Social Apps Kay Deleted Message Ko Wapis Laa Skty Hai. Is App Ko Download Karny K Liye Nichay Diye Gye Download Button Par Click Kary.

Top Highlighted Features:-
1.Free Of Cost.
2.Auto Deleted Tracking.
3.Multi Social Apps.

1.Free Of Cost:-
Dosto Yeh App Apko Syed Badshah Official Ki Janib Say Free Mein Di Jaa Rahy Hai. Isky Andr Kisi Bhi trah Ki Purchase License Ki Zarorat Nahi Hogi.

2.Auto Deleted Tracking:-
Dosto Is App Ki Khas Baat Yeh Hai K Agar Aap Is App Ko 1 Baar Phone Mein Install Karlo To Usky Baad Ye App Apky Automatically Deleted Message Ko Track Karky Save Rakhy Gi.

3.Multi Social Apps:-
Dosto Yeh App Na Sirf WhatsApp Balky Sabhi Social Apps Ko Support Karty Hai. Means Kay Yeh App Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp & Also Instagram Sabhi Ko Support Karty Hai. Ab Is App Ko Install Karny K Baad Aapko Deleted Messages Ki Tention Leny Ki Zarorat Nahi Hogi.

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WAMR Apk Free Download
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August 22, 2019

WhatsTrack Activity Tool For Android/iOS - Free Download

WhatsTrack Activity Android App - Free Download

Hi Guys, Ajj kay is article mein man aapko aik aisy Android app deny jaa raha hun jis ki madad say kisi k bhi WhatsApp ko check kar sktein hain. Mery kehny ka matlab yeh hai k Agar aap parents hain or aap apny bachon par nazar rakhna chahty hain to yeh app aap k liye Sab say best hai. Is app ka Khass feature yeh bhi hai k Aap is app ki wjah say kabhi bhi kahi bhi yeh jaan skty hain k Aapky Bachy, Girlfriend Or Boyfriend Kis time online hua kis time offline hua phir chahy unhon nay apna Last Seen Off Bhi Kiya Ho. Is App Ko Download Karny K Liye Nichay Diye Gye Download Button Par Click Kary.

Top Highlighted Features:-
1.Free Of Cost.
2.Last Seen Saver.
3.Track Activity.

1.Free Of Cost:-
Dosto Yeh App Apko Free Of Cost Di Jaa Rahy Hai. Lekin Yaad Rahy Yeh App Sirf Education Purpose K Liye Hai. Is K Ilwaya Is Kay Galat Use Par Hum Zimadaar Hon Gay.

2.Last Seen Saver:-
Dosto Is App Ka Yeh Bhi Faida Hai K Yeh Kisi Ka Bhi Last Seen Save Kar Lety Hai. To Ab Aapko Pata Lagta Rahy Ga K Kon Kab Online Hua Or Kab Offline Hua.

3.Track Activity:-
Dosto Yeh App Aik Trah Say Aapko Yeh Allow Karty Hai K Aap Kisi Ki Bhi Activity Ko Track Kar Skty Hain.

Click On The Download Button Below ⬇️⬇️⬇️
WhatsTrack Tool Free Download
How To Track Your Girlfriend WhatsApp
How To View Someones WhatsApp
How To Track Your Girlfriends WhatsApp Activity

August 06, 2019

Control Your Android Phone With Your Face | EVA Android App - Free Download

Control Your Android Phone With Your Face | EVA Android App - Free Download
Control your phone's facial movements with this Android app

EVA Functional Mouse is a free Android app. This app adds a cursor to your mobile screen. You can control the cursor with the movement of your face. This app records the movements of your face using the phone's front camera and uses it to control the cursor on the screen.

This Android app works with all Android devices, whether it's a phone or a tablet.
The app also has an option to rotate the camera, which allows you to use the device in landscape.

In this app you can customize the cursor movements, clicks and all other settings. You can connect external camera instead of your phone's camera.

The first time installation of this app is quite long but simple. Once installed you can control the cursor that appears on the phone screen with your face moving. Some of these options cannot be activated during the installation, however. They can be activated later from the setting.

July 28, 2019

The Lion King Game For Android Apk | Free Download

The Lion King Game For Android Apk | Free Download

Hi Guys, Ajj kay is article kay andar mein aapko The Lion King Game 🦁 Deny Jaa Raha Hun Joky K Android Or IOS Dono K Liye Available Hai. Dosto Jeisa K Aap Sab Janty Hain K The Lion King Movie Bhot Zyada Hit Hui To Issi Wjah Say Ab The Lion King Game Bhi Android Or IOS K Liye Release Ki Gayi Hai. Dosto Is Game Ki Madad Say Aap Ka Time Bhot Acha Guzar Skta Hai Or Weisy Bhi Ajj Kal K Trend Mein Gaming Bhot Zyada Trending Par Hai To Bus Isi Liye The Lion King Bhi One Of The Famous Games Mein Say Aik Hai. Dosto Is Game Ko Download Karny K Liye Nichay Diye Gye Download Button Par Click Kary. Or Is Page Ko Zyada Say Zyada Share Karein.

Top Highlighted Features:-
1.100% Free Download.
2.High Quality Graphics.
3.Updated Version.

1.100% Free Download:-
Dosto The Lion King Game For Android Aapko 100% Free Di Jaa Rahy Hai Is Game K Aapko Kisi Bhi Trah K Purchases Nahi Karny Hongy.

2.High Quality Graphics:-
The Lion King Ka Latest Version Aapko High Quality Graphics Deta Hai Jis Ki Madad Say Aapka Gaming Experience Zyada Better Ho Jaye Ga.

3.Updated Version:-
Syed Badshah Official Website Par Apko Har Cheez Aapko Free Or Updated Latest Version Mein Milly Gi.

Click On The Download Button Below ⬇️⬇️⬇️
The Lion King Game Apk
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July 26, 2019

Multi Account For Android Apk | Free Download

Multi Account For Android Apk | Free Download

In most phones using multiple accounts of the same service is impossible without resorting to some kind of trick. For example, if we plan to have two WhatsApp accounts on a single device, we should download a mod or maybe use an alternative such as WhatsApp Business.

The app for Android Dual Space - Multiple Accounts aims to correct this, offering a parallel space where to duplicate social applications and thus be able to switch from one account to another quickly and without having to login every time we want to use one or the other.
Plot the different areas of your personal life properly.

This app really allows you to clone any application, not just messaging and chat and social networks, in a tight and private space outside the rest of the system. So these are not detected as a second application and you can log in and stay online in both with different users.

These are the main features offered:
Keep personal and work accounts separate.
Compatibility with virtually all social apps: WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook Messenger ...
Private area where you can open secret accounts without leaving a trace on the system.
Quickly switch from one account to another.
Minimalistic interface design.
Fast and stable operation and service.
How to clone an app with Dual Space?
It is very simple and just access this app from the phone's home screen. We will find here a key with the symbol ‘+’, which must be pressed. At that time, all installed apps available for cloning will be displayed. Not only those of social networks and messaging, but also any other, such as games. In this way, any application that offers a user login can be duplicated in case we need to use more than one account regularly.

Requirements and additional information:
Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.0.3.
It also offers you integrated purchases.

Click On The Download Button
MultiAccount Apk
multi accounts for android app free download
multi accounts app download

July 26, 2019

High VPN For Android Apk | Free Download

High VPN For Android Apk | Free Download

Get unlimited free virtual VPN-network. A virtual private network will now enjoy: a completely free VPN service, fast VPN speed, Wi-Fi network protection. Unlimited free VPN network. A virtual private network automatically turns public WiFi into secure and secure private WiFi. Hide your IP address. No one will know where you come from. and reliable, without tracking. Enjoy a private viewing. Secure your device Unlimited free VPN network Virtual Private Network Unlock any website or application. Enjoy unlimited free and fast VPN.

Unlimited Free VPN Virtual Network A virtual private network gives you true freedom on the Internet - bypassing geographic restrictions and access to global content from anywhere, with just one click. Install and use our app when you travel. Lightning-fast It literally connects in 1 second. Provides encryption with UDP and TCP protocols. Unlimited free VPN network.

Unblock social networking sites or applications, such as: Line, WeChat, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc., and premium traffic Unlock games, block sites and more. It provides a high-speed and encrypted VPN connection to your smartphone. unlock geographically limited content, work quickly and anonymously, browse websites, applications, regardless of location, and block advertising trackers with unlimited free virtual private network. Virtual private network. Unlimited free VPN network. Virtual private network, the best free VPN proxy server. One click to connect, several locations to select EASY No settings, no registration, no registration, no settings

Wi-Fi Unlimited Free VPN VPN Hotspot Shield Virtual Private Network
Use this profile every time you are at a free, unprotected Wi-Fi connection at airports, hotels, restaurants, cafes, clubs. Almost everywhere
Unlimited free VPN network Virtual Private Network for Android blocks your favorite censored or blocked websites,

Top Features:-
Protect your network traffic at a WiFi access point. Browse anonymously and safely without tracking.
Unlimited free VPN network. Virtual private network. The best free unlimited VPN to unlock the site, protect and protect Wi-Fi privacy.
Secure WiFi hotspot, the easiest.
Easy to connect One tap to connection (Connection On The Go) to the VPN proxy server.

Click On The Download Button
HighVPN Apk
High VPN Free Download
High VPN Android App Download
Free VPN

July 03, 2019

Open Camera Apk | Manual Camera For Android | Free Download

About Open Camera Apk:-
Hi Guys, Welcome To My New Article Is Article mein man aapko Open Camera Apk Android app free mein deny jaa raha hu. Is Open Camera App Ki Madad Say Apny Videography Ko Aik Next Level Tak Lay Kar Jaa Skty Ho Us Kay Ilawa Open Camera Mein Apko Sabhi Manual Control Milein Gy Jis Ki Madad Say Aap Apni Daily Life Ki Videos Ko Aik Dam Professionally Shoot Kar Skein Gy. Us kay ilawa is open camera application mein aapko External Mic ki support bhi dekhny ko millty hai. Jis k baad Aap apna koi bhi External Mic apny Mobile phone ky 3.5mm Jack Mein Insert Karky Next Level Ki Audio Bhi Record Kar Skty Hain. Is Open Camera Mein Aapko Sabhi Manual Control Milein Jeisy "Exposure, ISO Or Aperture E.T.C"

Top Highlighted Features:-
1.Easy To Use.
2.Free & Fully Updated Version.
3.Manual Controls.
4.External Microphone Supported.

Watch Our Tutorial About How To Use This Camera App

1.Easy To Use:-

Open Camera Aik Bhot Hi Light Weight Or Bhot Easy To Use Ha. Y Application Khaas Apki Daily Videos Ko Shoot Karny K Liye Design Ki Gayi Ha.

2.Free & Fully Updated Version:-
Is Website Par Aapko Yeh Application Free Or Full Updated Version Mein Milly Gi.

3.Manual Controls:-
Is Application Mein Aapko Sabhi Camera Kay Manual Controls Dekhny Ko Milein Jo (Exposure ISO Or Aperture) E.T.C.

4.External Microphone Supported:-
Yeh Application External Microphone Ko Bhi Support Karty Hai. Usually Aapky Phone Ki Normal Application Microphone Ko Support Nahi Karty But Open Camera Kisi Bhi Trah Kay External Microphone Ko Easily Support Karty Hai.

Click On The Download Button Below⬇️⬇️
Open Camera Apk

June 18, 2019

Kinemaster Pro | Blend Tool Updated Version | Free Download Apk

"KineMaster Pro | Blend Tool Updated Version | Free Download"
About Kinemaster Video Editor:
Kinemaster is one of the best professional video editing software for smartphone. In Kinemaster you will get all kind of video editing effects that are used by professionals. You will get chroma key feature to remove green screen or change the background of the video. It also includes its online store where you can buy different video editing effects that are much usable. But if you want to edit normal videos for youtube on smartphone then Kinemaster is the best option for do simple to advance level video editing. Kinemaster is also popular in youtubers because many of the content creators use Kinemaster for their daily videos. This version of Kinemaster is for the professionals. Because it includes "New Blend Tool". So, download the new version of Kinemaster by clicking the download button below Thanks.

Top Highlighted Features:
1.New Blend Tool Updated
2.Updated & Latest Version
3.Free Download Pro Version
4.Smooth Editing Effects
5.Full Version

1.New Blend Tool Updated:
Kinemaster pro now updated its blend tool. So from now you can use blend tool more advance & easily.

2.Updated & Latest Version:
The version available on our website is pro version of Kinemaster. But we are giving this pro & updated version for free. This version is provided by "Syed Badshah Official".

3.Free Download Pro Version:
This version is a pro version of Kinemaster but for our visitors we are giving this pro version for free. This version is fully updated.

4.Smooth Editing Effects:
This updated version of Kinemaster Pro works smoothly on your android device.So from now you don't need to upgrade phone for video editing.

5.Full Version:
All bugs & errors are fixed by Team Kinemaster & from now this is the updated version.

Kinemaster Pro is provided by Syed Badshah Official. So, Don't forget to Subscribe us on YouTube.

Click On The Download Button Below To Get Full Version
Kinemaster Pro Full Version - Free

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how to edit video on mobile
May 30, 2019

Control Center iOS 13 - Apk

"Control Center iOS 13 - Free Apk"

Top Features:-
Turn Your Mobile's Control Center Into iOS 13 Control Center.

Main Highlights:-
  • Use In Any Android Version
  • Same Look Like iOS 13 Control Panel
  • Tap On Enable Feature
This is a simple & most unique way to change your android smartphone UI look into a beautiful & eye capturing look. You just need to download this app from the below given download button & simply install the app and use it. This app also provides "Tap On" feature it means you don't need to do much settings just simply enable it & use it.


"Click On The Download Button To Get This App Free"

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May 30, 2019

iNotification iOS 13 (Paid Version) - Free Apk

"iNotification (Paid Version) - Free Apk"

Top Feature:-
Change Your Android's Notification Panel Intro iOS 13 Panel

New Highlights:-
  • Includes Notification Bar (Advanced Layouts) iOS 13
  • Access Permission Of Accessibility
About iNotification Apk:-
Very Light Weighted Application Designed For Smartphone Specially iOS Lovers. For Those Peoples Who Wanted To Explore iPhone & Use iPhone in their Android Phones. Please note that this app is not available on Google's Play Store But, Here you will get this app for free.

"Click On The Download Button To Get iNotification Apk"
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May 30, 2019

iLauncher iOS 13 (Paid Version) - Free Apk

"iLauncher (Paid Version) - Free Apk"

Top Feature:-
Turn Your Normal Android Device Intro iOS 13.

New Highlighted Features:-
  • Change Your Android's User Experience
  • Dark Mode Support
  • Customize Anything You Want
  • Change Logo, Name & Also Hide Any App
Read About iOS 13:-
When the Apple Annual Meeting of Developers (WWDC) starts on June 3 (local time), new iOS design changes and features are released. This year, the thirteenth new version of iOS, however, is the most used and influential in the world, with rumors always pouring out. New features that are already expected to be added in 'iOS 13' are roughly outlined even though the WWDC is about a month away. Bloomberg has added Dark Mode in iOS 13 and added sleep tracking as a notable feature of the new Apple watch. I rummaged the rumors about iOS 13.

Dark mode

The internal development code named "Yukon", iOS 13, focuses on the experience, in other words, on performance improvements and bug fixes. As we all know, iOS 12 has overcome a number of bugs in the previous version and has seen remarkable speed improvements. Every year, Apple rushes back to the beginnings of the basics. iOS 13 focuses on building an UX that changes the multitasking animation behavior when the app is running and when it ends (changes when the home screen is swiped to the left) and widget design changes. The addition of dark mode is one of them.
Bloomberg cited reliable sources inside Apple, saying that new features in iOS 13 include Darkmode. Dark mode, which represents the whole screen in dark color, is likely to be applied in Mac OS. Marc Gherman, who mainly deals with the iPhone in Bloomberg, claims to be added as a control center option.

New health app

Health apps will include design changes to make daily activity tracking easier, earphone volume, ability to measure ambient noise to help your health, and monitoring your menstrual cycle.

Reminder apps can be categorized into four categories: 'To do today', 'All tasks', 'Scheduled tasks', 'Tasks with flagged tasks'. A new message for the profile picture and name change function is added to the new design screen for animated icons and text stickers.

The Maps app is enhanced with a route guidance interface for frequent locations, and the ability to specify and group photos of your favorite places. 'Find My iPhone' and 'Find Friends' are merged into one, which further extends the functionality. It seems to be able to track things using an Apple device's Bluetooth network, such as ibicone, which supports lost-and-found tags such as 'MAMORIO' and 'tile'.
Mail apps simply mute certain threads, block incoming mail from certain opponents, or simplify folder-level management. Bedtime works with the new Apple watch's sleep tracking feature.
Safari is improved to manage downloaded files in one place like Mac 'Download' folder, and file apps can also be linked with third party apps.
iOS 13 includes a new home screen aimed at the iPad, the ability to write multiple versions of an app as if moving multiple web pages, and improved file management. It's also likely to have a dual monitor (similar to a duet display) on a Mac. For example, you can display a Mac's work on the iPad, or assign an iPad to a specific work space, such as an Apple pencil. It is a waste of space to stick to the same home screen as the iPhone with 12.9 inch large screen (?) IPad. It is reasonable to make this a priority improvement in the new iOS.

At the end of the article, Bloomberg opened up the possibility that some of the features introduced here will be postponed to the next version of iOS 13. Apple has already begun developing iOS 14, which is named Azul. The main functions of the iPhone and iOS 14 in 2020 will be augmented reality (AR) optimized for 5G networks.

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