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Monday, 7 October 2019

October 07, 2019

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 World's First 5G Tab - Read Specs & Features

The 5G Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 will be the world's first 5G tab

Samsung is working on a 5G tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab S6. It will be the world's first 5G tab. The model number for this tablet is SM-T866N. This tablet was first seen on the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth certification site. Also, the model number shows that the device is for South Korea. In South Korea, a good number of 5G users are now using this technology.

Samsung Galaxy S105FG has also been sold in South Korea. Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 has already set a world record. It's the first tablet in the world to have HDR 10 Plus support added to its display. It was launched in Europe and the US, where 5G networks have begun operating in major cities. The 5G version of this tablet may also be launched in these countries.

Sunday, 15 September 2019

September 15, 2019

IPhone 11: Why Are Some People Afraid Of The New iPhone?

IPhone 11: Why are some people afraid of the new iPhone?

Apple is known for its product design. Apple's new iPhone 11 is once again a combination of beauty and innovation, but some people are disgusted by the three circular cameras behind the phone. The reason for this is a mental condition called Tropophobia.

Tropophobia is the fear or disgust that can arise from looking at geometric patterns or jerks, especially many holes and many small rectangles.
Tropophobia hit the headlines on Tuesday with Apple's new product offering.

The most common example of tropophobia is fear generated by the seeds made in the lotus flower.
Professor Arnold Wilkins and Dr. Jeff Cole, two researchers at the University of Essex, believe that because of these shapes and patterns, some people may have a sense of hatred as part of their defense system.

Since the characteristics of many life-threatening animals, such as spiders, snakes, and scorpions, are similar, hatred is an evolutionary process that has to do with individual protection.
Although it cannot be diagnosed physically, it is also known as relapse pattern phobia.
An example of this is the appearance of three circular cameras mounted on the back of the new iPhone.

People with this condition did not feel threatened by previous models. A New York-based student first identified self-diagnosed incidents on a Facebook page in 2009,

The iPhone 8 or XR has only one rear camera and does not produce any strange patterns.

The iPhone 11 Pro and its Max Vision, however, come with three cameras that create a disturbing pattern for people with tropophobia.

The company's designers were clearly not thinking about this rare mental quality when adding more cameras to their flagship product.

In fact, the most unique thing about the launch of cameras for iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max is that they can record multiple videos at once.

Pro models include telephoto and ultra wide cameras, and there is a new feature in night mode, that means people can make photos in low light.

But they are a nightmare for people who have phobia of holes because their heartbeat is intense and sometimes they feel like vomiting or dizziness or their crouching.

So some people see this as a good reason not to buy a new model.

While others have commented on social networks what they see when they look at the back of a new iPhone.

When a user using Twitter saw the photos of the iPhone Pro, their effect was all these cameras. '

The reaction to seeing small holes can be extremely intense.

Even more so when several iPhones are displayed together to display a colorful presentation in the photo.

Dr. Jeff Cole, a researcher at the University of Essex, told the BBC: "We all (more or less) suffer from trauophobia, and so the way we manifest it depends on the degree to which we have it." '

It's not easy to avoid memes or news about Apple's offering on social media right now.
Fuzzy tropophobia is widely mentioned on Twitter and its images are always lively.
American horror story series actress Sarah Paul Sun and model Kendall Jenner are among those who say they suffer from tropophobia.

Saturday, 7 September 2019

September 07, 2019

Pakistani Experts Developed Plastic That Can Be Eaten - Plastic Bags Future

Pakistani Experts Work: Developed Plastic that Can Be Eaten

Have you ever looked around you? The mobile phone you're reading these lines on. Dinner on a plate or shopping bag that you bring in a month-long bargain from the Sadaf Market. Or the toys your kids play with. There is nothing in which plastic is not used.

But when plastic is disposed of after use, it does not pollute it by remaining in the environment for hundreds of years due to its specific structure.
Now a Pakistani has solved this problem and has developed a plastic that is not only biodegradable but can also be eaten.

Eco-friendly plastic
The idea of ​​manufacturing this unique plastic came to Dr. Anjum Nawab, Assistant Professor of Food Science and Technology at the University of Karachi. Dr. Anjum told the BBC that the term bio degradable and edible (which can be eaten) is used in the same sense today.

"In simple terms, if something is biodegradable, it means that when it is thrown away after use, the germs in the atmosphere will end it."

Dr. Anjum Nawab said that if germs can remove anything, then it can be used for human food as well.

'Plastic is made from ingredients extracted from natural commodities so it can be eaten. Such plastic can also be disposed of in warm water.

Unlike environmentally friendly plastics, plastics manufactured by petrochemicals cannot remove the germs present in the atmosphere, and the products produced remain in the environment for hundreds of years and cause pollution.

Enemy enemy plastic
It is estimated that 300 million tonnes of plastic is being added to the world every year, of which fifty percent is used only once.

Environmental expert Dr. Waqar Ahmed points out that Karachi, which is one of the few major cities in the world, produces about 15,000 tonnes of waste daily, of which more than fifty percent is plastic.

According to Dr Waqar Ahmed, it is made of plastic bottles, shopping bags and styrofoam items. Some of this waste is dumped into landfills while the rest of the river gets into the sea through the rivers and becomes fish food and then becomes part of the food chain and transmitted to humans.

Experts say the use of plastics is also increasing air pollution. Dr. Waqar Ahmad says that due to lack of proper disposal of waste, many people burn the garbage. Toxins from it are added to the atmosphere in the form of smoke and pollute the atmosphere.

'In addition to polythene bags, sewage drains are closed while plastic bags often block the drainage and waterways.'

Mango season
Dr. Anjum Nawab's PhD dissertation at the University of Karachi's Assistant Professor was on the manufacture of plastic made of natural commodities for the packaging of food and drink products.

"At that time the mango season was going on, so I thought why not experiment with the manufacture of bio-degradable and edible plastics from the mango kernel."

Mango is produced in Pakistan in large quantities and waste from processing plants is not used for any purpose other than animal feed.

Dr. Anjum Nawab points out that in the manufacture of plastic, the mango kernel is opened and the seed is extracted and then the starch or starch is extracted from the seed. The starch is then added to the plastic by the various ingredients.

Dr Anjum claims that efforts are being made to manufacture edible bio degradable plastics in different countries of the world, but the plastic produced at the University of Karachi is different because it is being manufactured from mango kernels.

Use of environmentally friendly plastic
Experts believe that edible bio degradable plastic can be widely used.

Dr. Anjum Nawab says that these plastic shopping bags can be manufactured. In addition, the plastic packaging used in food items can be replaced with plastic.

"When we saw the current aluminum packaging of spices changed from environmentally friendly plastics, their shelf life increased significantly."

Complete elimination of plastic
Environmental expert Dr. Waqar Ahmed says that it may take decades to completely eliminate the use of plastic, but even if its use is reduced, it will be a great success.

"Both the government and the public should reduce the use of plastics and rely on other means. For example, the use of cloth bags and glass bottles can replace traditional plastic. '

Dr. Anjum Nawab claims that edible bio degradable plastic can be a very viable alternative to concentrated plastic. She says the use of this plastic will not only reduce garbage scattered on the street but will also help control environmental pollution.

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Wednesday, 31 July 2019

July 31, 2019

Air Conditioner That Fits In Your Pocket | Read More..!!!

An air conditioner that fits in your pocket too

Do you feel the heat and the heart that the air conditioner is with you at all times?
If so, the good news is that the Japanese company Sony seems to have found a solution.
Yes, the company intends to introduce a wearable air conditioner that can be kept in the pocket while wearing a special T-shirt to use.

The AC, called the Raven Pocket, will be placed in the pocket between the neck and waist of this special T-shirt, and this silent device will stay on the neck and remove the Thermo-Electric cooling.
If the weather is warm, this AC will raise your body temperature to 13 degrees, while in cold weather it will raise the body temperature to 8 degrees.

According to the company, this AC uses a platform effect that is commonly used to cool the vehicle.
This AC can be controlled with the help of a mobile app, while the automatic mode also the company plans to introduce in the future and yes it can work 24 hours on a single charge.
After that it will be possible to fully charge it within 2 hours from the USB DC port.

It is currently being offered for AC Credit funding, with shipping expected to begin in March 2020 and in Japan only.
It is priced at more than 12,000 Japanese yen (about 19,000 Pakistani rupees).
The device weighs just 85 grams while the volume is smaller than a smartphone.
July 31, 2019

What Is The Biggest Change In WhatsApp This Year??

This year's biggest change in the WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is the world's most popular messaging service with more than 1.5 billion monthly subscribers, but it faces a major problem.
And that is why you need your mobile phone to use the WhatsApp, of course, this messaging service can be used by signing in to the web or desktop app, but for that the phone also Keeps close to the Internet and yes a WhatsApp account only works on one device at a time.

However, this is all about to change and in fact this year will be one of the few major changes to WhatsApp.

According to Watset Updates site WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is working on a new platform (Universal Windows Platform) that will allow an account to be logged in to multiple devices simultaneously. ۔

Thanks to this platform, users will be able to use their WhatsApp account across multiple devices, thus making the service work like Apple's iMessage or Facebook Messenger.

It is unclear at this time how this feature will work because an important security feature of the WhatsApp currently binds messages to phone numbers and saves them only on the user's phone, which is why desktops and web apps Messages require a phone presence.

The WhatsApp, on the other hand, is also working on improving the web version.

According to another report from WABetaInfo, the company is preparing for the Universal Window Platform App app, which will work even when the phone is off.

That is, the phone will not need to be connected to the Internet using the web version.
And this will be a big change for consumers as users will be able to keep in touch with their loved ones even when they do not have a phone, but can use WhatsApp on the computer.
July 31, 2019

TikTok's Plans To Make Smartphones

TikTok's plans to make smart phones

The project will create Smarties. Byte Dance has obtained patents for designing and staffing phones from SmartZone.
According to a Chinese financial news publication, Smartyzen executive Wu Dizhou is leading the project.

This project was started 7 months ago.
The phone is expected to be made only for Chinese consumers as Smartyzen is a local and small company in China. The launch of the phone indicates the desire to expand the business of byte dance. Service and intelligence are also working on competition. Byte Dance is aware that it is competing with Bedu and Tencent, so entering the smartphone market will have more chances of survival.

Saturday, 27 July 2019

July 27, 2019

Fujifilm's Surveillance Camera Can Read Number Plate From 1 Km Distance

Fujifilm's Surveillance Camera Can Read Number Plate From 1 Km Distance

FujiFilm has also entered the field of surveillance cameras with its new surveillance camera SX800. It is a long-range surveillance camera with optical zoom 40x. This camera is designed to monitor global borders and major trading centers. It has 35mm to 800mm focal length lenses with 35mm and its extra zoom is 1.25x. The Fuji movie says that the SX800 provides a combined focal length of 1000mm overall.
This allows any car's number plate to be focussed at a distance of 1 km or 0.6 miles.
Consumer cameras have also been introduced before, which provide more than 800 sized Zoom of the Fuji film. For example, Nikon's P1000 (P1000) has a 125 x zoom and 3000mm zoom lenses, but Fuji Film has enhanced its security camera with features that allow its video to be recorded over long distances. Is better

Fast auto focus of this camera can focus in 0.3 seconds. It has optical image stabilization and an image processing engine that reduces the effects of fog and heat. This camera provides ISO level up to 819200 for making film in Rat.
According to a publicity video from the Fuji movie, the zoom is 2.2 kilometers (1.36 miles) away from human hands.
According to another video, this 3 km is a clear recording of the Tokyo Tower from 1.86 miles. Another promotional video shows that this camera focuses on the car's plate number of 1 km or 0.6 miles.
The camera will be available for sale on July 26. Its price has yet to be announced.

Monday, 22 July 2019

July 22, 2019

Google Create A Portrait Of Apollo 11 pioneer Margaret Hamilton By Using 107,000 Solar Panels

Google Create A Portrait Of Apollo 11 pioneer Margaret Hamilton By Using 107,000 Solar Panels

On the occasion of 50 years of completion of human moon, Google has privately honored Apollo's main software engineer Margaret Hamilton.
Google has made its great portrait from the 107000 solar panel. Google has helped organize solar panels and moonlight to make Portrait of Margaret Hamilton.

Google created this Portrait in the Civil Panel Installation Desert of Aquau Civil Society Faculty.
In this installation, 1 million 7000 solar marrors were used, which were created by Margaret. This picture was larger than the central park of New York City. This park is spread over a square of 3.6 square kilometers (1.4 square miles). .
Margaret was the head of the team, who did online boarding software for all NASA applications.

He also developed software for historic Apollo 11 missions. The merchant invented the term "Software Engineering" in the 1960s.
In addition to tribute to Margaret, Google also presented a special doodle in Apollo 11's memory, which was originally an informational video.

July 22, 2019

India Once Again Ready For A Moon Trip

Chandigarh to: India once again ready for a moon trip

India says he is ready to return his second mission to 'Chandrior to' on the moon again.

This spacecraft could not be stopped last week due to technical disadvantages, but ISI said, 'Chandri Tai' will be sent to space at 43 minutes by local time on Monday.

It has been told that the organization will be able to reach the moon, "a firm said on Sunday.

Asro has hoped that this mission of spending $ 15 million is the first mission to land on the south pole.

The mission to the Moon on July 15 was stopped due to the 'technical disadvantage in launch vehicle system' 56 minutes before the scheduled time.

This news was published in Indian media that it was due to the removal of helium gas from a gas bottle in the caravage engine.

What is this mission end?
India's first mission 'Chandriwan Vain' failed to land at the moon level in 2008, but with the help of the radar, the first and most detailed discovery of the water presence on the moon.

'Chandrior Toe' will try to slowly fall on the south pole of the moon. It is believed that this part of the moon could not be lost yet.

This mission will focus on the moon level and with other things, water and minerals will be searched there, while research will also be investigated on earthquake.

India is using its strongest rocket bio-sensor satellite launch vehicle (GSLV) mark third for this mission. It is 640 tons (which is a half-fold of a filled jumbo jet 747) and its length is 44 meters equal to a 14-minute building.

This satellite-linked space vehicle is weighing 379.2kg and has three distinct parts, in which the rotating part is' arbitrator ', the moon surface and the' rotating part 'and the rotating part' ' included.

The life of the rotating part of the year is one year that will take pictures of the moon surface, with which it will also try to coincide the whole atmosphere.

The part of the surface moon has been named 'Vikram' in the name of the founder of Asro. Its weight is half and its 27-kilometer moon will be installed on its wall, which will be installed on devices which can test the land of the moon. His life is 14 days and his name is 'Pragyan' which means wisdom. It can accommodate distance from half to a distance of miles, from where it will fly on photos and statistics on the ground.

The head of the ISRO head Dr. Siwan had said before trying to launch the first time, 'When Rover starts doing his work, India can expect its first cell phone from the moon.'

How long is the journey from the earth to the Moon?
Starting on Monday, the mission is just the beginning of the 384,000 km journey to the Moon, and it is expected that the land will land on the moon or on the 7th of September.

The space agency has chosen the way to take advantage of the power of the Earth, which will help satellite to send to the moon. India did not have such strong rockets that could send Chandraan to the moon straight.

Dr. Siwan has said, "When the lender is thrown to the south pole of the moon, then it will be scary for scientists for 15 minutes."

Explaining this, he said that since then people who are controlling the space car will not have any role in that period. He added that real landing will be automatic if all things are working optimally. Otherwise the lender will fall on the moon level.

In the beginning of this year, the mission to be carried out on the moon of Israel was destroyed in the attempt to get to the surface.

Who's in the team?
About a thousand engineers and scientists have worked for this mission. But for the first time, Esro has set a female head of this campaign.

Two women are leading this moon trip to India. Program Director, Mitya Yupttha has supervised Chandra toe, while Sandhu Karidwal will guide him.

Tuesday, 18 June 2019

June 18, 2019

Adobe Trained Ai To Detect Facial Manipulation

Adobe enables artificial intelligence to detect photocopying photos

Researchers of a team of Adobe and YC Bakerley have trained and trained artificial intelligence to find out the changes in the faces of the Photoshop. The prospect hopes that deep faces and fake faces At this time, when cheating has become very easy, this tool will restore people's confidence in digital media. Apart from fonce experts from this tool, ordinary people will find out the changes in the photos.

The team has trained National Navy Network to find out the changes made by the Photoshop Face Away Liquify feature. This feature image designed to change people's eyes, faces and face-to-face issues. Has gone Adobe's artificial intelligence showed 99% of the correctly converted images during the experiments.

People who had seen such pictures compared to that, they identified 53% of the changes.

This tool can convert the converted image to the original image as well.
This is not the first time when ADB has found an image of changes in artificial intelligence. But this time, Adobe has made the tool to detect changes in the face of the face. The company says this work is much better than ever.
The company is currently not ready to introduce its existing tool to a product. Adobe spokeswoman says it is a part of the company's efforts to document the document, audio, video and transformation.

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June 18, 2019

Instagram Testing Easiest Ways Recover Hacked Accounts - News

Instagram is having easy-to-use experiences to record the hacked account

If your account has ever been a high jack, then you can easily recover it from the new anticipated feature of the installation program. Histogram is doing a feature experiment, which hackers can hardly hack someone's account.

An account registry process is being done in the Instagram app. Here you will be able to get a 6-digit code by giving your original email and phone number to the support form.
Then the installation program will prevent hackers from getting email or phone number code. Hacker will not be able to control the account from any other device.

In this new way you will be able to record your account at the time when the hacker has changed your username and contact data. In addition, the instagram will ensure that your changed user has a specific period of time No other user could claim.

Even if you do not have a hacking but user-friendly change, other users will not be able to clarify your username for a while.
It is not known when this feature will be released for all users. User semi-lock feature features are released for Android users while it is being used for IOS.

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Tuesday, 11 June 2019

June 11, 2019

Samsung Is Working On 6G Networks

"Samsung is working on 6G networks"

Installation of 5G devices in the world's developed countries has not yet been completed. There are very few places in the world where you can use 5G to 5G devices. Although 5G is not normal at this time, but Sam has just started working on 6G
Samal has also confirmed that he has raised his research level from the level where it was at the beginning of the launch of 5G.

This research will be done under the Advocacy Communications Research Center, located in the village, Sam-e-Samu's Research and Development.
Apart from research on 6G, Samsung Research is also researching artificial intelligence and robotics. We will take many years to complete this research, many new mobile phones will appear. Indeed, 5G is also common It will take several years to happen.

Monday, 10 June 2019

June 10, 2019

Apple Introduced The New Mac Pro & Pro Display XDR

"Apple Introduced The New Mac Pro & Pro Display XDR"

Apple has announced the new Mac Pro. This is the most Powerful Mac ever made of Apple. The company has announced the new Pro Display XDR with this. This is a professional grade monitor for HDR and Pro-grade applications.

The new Mac Pro is too late to come. It has launched Launches Mac in 2013. It has been updated to the previous generation Mac in 2017.

The company also announced a new Mac, which has now been launched.

The new 2019 MacMePro has been re-designed. It has been introduced in the tower style design rather than the designer of the 2013 Cinderella. From 2003 to 2012 McMechers were in the same design. 8 PCI Express Express with Slots

Four of them have dual-dimensions x16 slots, one single-way x16 slot, two single-way x8 slots and at least one half lanth x4 slot. It has two Thunderbolt 3 ports, two USB bars and one headphone jack. There are two Thunder bolt 3 connectors above the chase. These slots can use Mac Pro Expansion or MPX Modules. Each of these modules uses one of the x16 PCIe connectors and then the other PCIe connector on the side.

Allows the second concert card to transfer data to the four thunder bolts in 3 ports.

All models of the new MacPro have Intel Xeon W processors. Its core model has 8 core CPU but has 12 corses, 16 covers, 24 covers and 28 models. All these models support Hyper Threading.
The new MacPro's main model starts with a 32GB memory. Apart from this, 48   GB, 96 GB, 192 GB, 384 GB, 768 GB and 1.5 TBDDR4 ECC options are available.
Remind you that these are memory modules, not storage.

The new MacPro's 24 or 28 core CPUs support full 1.5 tb memory. Its 8 core model can use all the memoras to 2666MHz, while 12 to 28 core CPUs use memory on a complete 2933MHz speed.
Now come to the storage. New Mac Pro supports Flash storage.

Its basic model has 256 GB storage, which can be extended to 4 TB. It can be controlled with Apple's T2 chip, which can handle the encryption. Now its continent has two visible SATA ports, but Apple did not tell their purpose.

For graphics, it has AMD Radeon Pro 580X which is in Half-speed MPX module. You can also find Radeon Pro Vega II in the FullHTML MPX module.
In addition, you can also get Vega II graphics in single MPX module. You can use two such modules. This means that four Radeon Pro Vega II graphics cards can be used in the new MacPro.
Afterburner can also be used if you start reducing Mac Pro processing power. This program is an essential ASIC that increases video encoding and dcoding speed.
It can handle 16 streams of 8K ProRes RAW 30fps video 3 streams or 4K proRes RAW 30fps video 12 streams or 4K proRes 422 30fps videos. This level of performance is currently impossible in the presence of the fastest graphics card available in the market.
For Concrete, Mac-Pro has 4x Thunderbolt 3 Ports, 2x 10Gb Ethernet Ports, Wi-Fi 802.11ac and Bluetooth 5.0.
28 core processors, 4 graphics cards, 12 sticks of memory, 4 tb storage and video processor require 1400W power supply.

This is a new Mac Pro. Apple Pro Display XDR is even more impressive. The company has collected all of the clerks and display calibrations in this product. It's the best professional grade monitor in the market.
It starts with 32-inch IPS LCD, whose resolution is 6016 x 3384 (16: 9). Apple named it Retina 6K. It has a 10-bit color panel with DCI-P3 wide-clip support.
This display can show XDR content 500 nits on luminous nose, it's quite bright. Since HDR is display, it can also get 1000 nits of luminous nose. In specific circumstances it can also go up to 1600 nits for short time.
The Pro Display XDR has impressive 576 zones. Which can be selected on or off by selecting separate high-contrast or low billing.

This monitor has many reference modes so that you can work on your selected format. You can choose custom mode from the HDR Video P3-ST 2084 (HDR10 / Dolby Vision), BT.709, BT.601, P3-DCI, P3-D65, P3-D50, and sRGB. They include all the current standards for television and photos from the cinemas. It supports monitor 47.95Hz, 48.00Hz, 50.00Hz, 59.94Hz and 60.00Hz refresh rates.

There are 3 Thunder Bold 3 Ports in Produced XDR for Concrete.
It also has USBBCs but it is designed to work with Thunderbolt devices.
A stand with this monitor has also been offered. ProStand supports adjustment adjustments. If you want, you can also save the monitor from a stand by pressing just one button.
The 2019 MacPro price starts with $ 5999. It has its 8 core CPU, 32GB 2666MHz memory, 256GBSD storage and AMD Radeon Pro 580X graphics models.
Pro Display XDR costs $ 4999, while ProStand is $ 999 and VESA Mount Adapter costs 199. Both products will be available in autumn this year.

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Thursday, 6 June 2019

June 06, 2019

Google Added Augmented Reality Animals In Its Search App

Google Add Animals To The Search App From Augmented Reality Ai

If you find a specific animal on Google, you can surprise yourself by showing this animal from Firefox Realty in your results. Google has released new cards for search. This card shows the real world viewers But for this you have to enable Firefox to be enabled in the phone.
According to the report, the feature now shows Alpine Bakers, a few special fishes, bears, penguins, European bars, lions, tires and wild sheep.

In addition, this feature also shows dogs and calls.
When you search for one of these animals, along with the animal's picture card and a mess meet a life-sized [animal] up close.
From this feature you can see the animal in your room too. This means that the animals you are looking for will appear in your room's background in the cell phone. You can also move them and reduce their size. Apart from this, you can also enjoy proper vision and sound effects. Google is working with NASA, Samsung and Valvoor companies, so that more cards can be introduced for future search.
June 06, 2019

Watch 120 Years Old Recording Of Solar Eclipse - HD

Watch 120 Years Old Recording Of Solar Eclipse - HD

"The earliest video footage recorded in 1900"
The earliest video recording of the sunlight is now available to watch on YouTube. This is a 1 minute and 8 second video clip in which sunlight is well-closed.
The scene of sun lighting was closed on May 28, 1900, in a movie in North Carolina. During an expedition of its British Astronomical Association, a magician, Neil Maschelen, recorded a telephonic adapter on her camera.

It was easy to record sunlight.
This movie has been released on YouTube this week, before it was present in the Archaeological Royal Archaeological Society archive. According to Scientific, it was the second recording of the Masculine Sun. Earlier, he had recorded sunset in 1898 India, but the recording of the movie was stolen, which was never seen later.

BFI is a welfare organization that preserves historical movies. The BFI has resorted the original footage to 4K quality. So users on YouTube will be able to view it at 720p resolution only. BFI says they get the frame to the frame What is the frame re-assembled?
It is quite easy to record sunlight in today's era. The last sunset in America happened in 2017, which was seen by 215 million people. The next time the United States will come in 2024, if someone loses the opportunity, he will have to wait till 2045.


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Sunday, 2 June 2019

June 02, 2019

New Law British Columbia Will Stop Fuel Powered Vehicles By 2040

The new law in British Columbia will stop fuel-powered vehicles by 2040
A new law has been passed in British Columbia, aimed at preventing the manufacture and sale of fuel burning cars. This legislation in the province of Canada is considered to be the most stringent legislation in North America.

According to this law, 10 percent of cars sold till 2025 will be the zero emission, and sales of 20 liters of fuel burnt and trucks will be banned.
Zero emission cars include electric cars, plug-in hybrid and hydrogen fuel cell models.

This law has been called the Zero Emission Vehicle Act. It is criticized too much. The critics on this law say that if the sale of fuel burning cars in British Columbia is banned, then the province Residents will buy a car from the neighboring province of Alberta.

There is also a credit system for car makers in this law, according to which if the carpenter company does not want to make or make zero-digit cars, give extra money to help improve the environment.
At present, only 6 percent of the sales sold in British Columbia are zero operations.

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Friday, 31 May 2019

May 31, 2019

Einstein Is Great Scientist To Transform Human Thinking

"Einstein: Scientist to transform human thinking"
Almost all of us have heard the name of Albert Einstein. Yes, the Nobel Prize-winning Scientist who had kept track of the scientific ideas of the centuries. But how much do we know about their city-based ideology, Theory of General Relativity or the General Districts? In this short video, see that Einstein's theory was originally after which we started watching the universe from a new angle.

Wednesday, 29 May 2019

May 29, 2019

Asus introduced gold and leather laptops after 30 years of their stay

Asus introduced gold and leather laptops after 30 years of their stay

Asus introduced a special laptop on completion of 30 years of his stay. The Asus Zen Book Edition 30 has a white leather cover and a 18-day daily gold logo. This logo is like a star track star star. This laptop is like traditional laptops, apart from the front cover and the gold logo. Joshi Shahi, the head of Asus, says that every piece of leather has been selected in the leather cover, specialists have tourists.
Asus also offers Essays for his leather laptop.

Asus introduced the first leather cover laptop in 2016. It was S6F.

Zen Book Edition 30 has 8th generation core core 7 processor, NVIDIA's G-Force MX 250 graphics, up to 16GB of RAM and PCIe SSD storage.

The screen to body reset is 95% due to this asbestos freeze display in this 13-inch laptop. Asus also added his screen pad. Screen pad is actually a track pad, asus has added the screen.
Asus did not justify the availability and price of this laptop. Asus will provide limited number to this laptop.

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May 29, 2019

New Feature Was Introduced In Google Chrome For Android

A new feature was introduced in Google Chrome for Android

Many users work together in the Chrome piles tabs. Some mobile users are not behind anyone in opening more tabs. If there are few tabs opened in Chrome for Android, there is no problem because existing card-style interface users' work is done. However, if more than 10 tabs are open then scrolling and searching for tabular tabs becomes a problem.
A new feature included in Google Chrome can solve this issue of users. Google introduces a new feature of tab grouping and re-designed tabs for Chrome; Android users.
Long press menu will also offer a new option Open in new tab group. This will open your sites in groups. When starting a new group, this navigation will appear at the bottom of the bar.

The open tab in the group will look like a fusion. Swipe down from the search bar to tap the tab icon with the search bar, you'll get to the new tabs on the screen. Now you will see thumbnails instead of cards.
Tab Groups will show you as folders. Each folder will contain a number of tabs in the group. Additionally, the pseudoons of thumbnail preview and the first four pages will also be fusion.
Tabs on a group will clearly find out which links to it. This tab will be like screen.
From this feature, you can place open tabs in themes by topic. The work is still on this new interface.
If you are using a Chrome key, you can use this feature with chrome: // flags. Enable enable-tab-groups-ui-improvements on the flags screen and enable this feature. After activating you will need to reset the browser twice.

Tuesday, 28 May 2019

May 28, 2019

Asus Announced 240Hz Portable Gaming & Touch Screen Monitor

Asus announced 240Hz portable gaming and touch screen monitor

Asus is one of the first companies to introduce portable USB-C monitors in the compact 2019 this year.
Asus has also introduced Zen Screen Touch (Photo Top) in Computing 2019. It's a 15.6 inch 1080p touch screen monitor. It is designed to connect with a smartphone or laptop. The Zen Screen Touch has a 7800 mAh battery.
It also has a protective case that can be used as a cook stand.
Asus has also introduced another 1080p Monitor ROG Strix XG17.

It has been presented for fans of monitor gaming. This is the world's first 240Hz gaming monitor.
Its 17.3-inch IPS panel supports the variable refrigeration rate.
This monitor has 2 USB Corts, Micro HDMIs and a 7800MHH battery.

Asus says this battery can run the monitor up to 240 hz for up to 3 hours. This also increases the battery rate on the refresh rate.
Asus did not tell anything about these monitors' prices yet. But Zen Screen Touch has come to know that it can be offered for sale next month.

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