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March 20, 2022



Today we are going to share with you the YouTube channel art template team which is on standby provided you can design your best bit like this professional youtube channel art. The details of how to standby are given below!!


The first thing you need to understand is that this channel art is made up of a certain size so that you can guess what the channel art will look like when you design it. In order to use this channel, you will first have to put a background wallpaper on top of it. Then you can put your logo on it. Then you put your text, brother, then you come to your social media handling and you save it. 

We hope you enjoy the article. Please share this article with your friends. Click on the download button below to download YouTube Channel Art. Thank you.


August 01, 2019

YouTube Latest Update | Now Community Guideline Strike On Comment | 4 New Updates

YouTube Latest Update | Now Community Guideline Strike On Comment | 4 New Updates

About This New Update:-
Hi Guys, Ajj kay is article mein man aapko Recently YouTube Ki Traf Say Aany Waly Kuch New Updates K Bary Mein Btaun Ga. Dosto Jeisa K Aap Sabhi Ko Pata Hai K YouTube Ki Traf Say Har 2-3 Weeks K Baad Koi Na Koi Update Aa Hi Jata Hai. Or Har Update Mein Choty Creators Ko Problems Face Karny Party Hain. Dosto Lekin YouTube K Ab Wally 4 Updates Mein YouTube Nay Sabhi Creators K Liye Good News Di Hai.

YouTube New Updates:-
1.Hate Comments.
2.Misleading Comments.
3.Community Tab.
4.YouTube Studio (New).

"Watch Our Video To Know About These Updated"

1.Hate Comments:-
Dosto YouTube Ki Traf Say Recently Hate Comments Ko Lay Kar Bhot Strict Rules Banaye Gye Hain. Dosto YouTube Ka Yeh Kehna Hai Kay Ab Khaas Toor Par Child Videos Par Ab YouTube Automatically Comments Disabled Kar Day Ga Jis Say Child Kisi Trah Kay Bad Comments Nahi Read Kar Sakein Gy.

2.Misleading Comments:-
Dosto Misleading Comments Ka Matlab Yeh Hai K YouTube Mein Har Video K Nichay Yeh Dekhny Mein Aaya Hai K Log Sub 4 Sub, Subscribe My Channel Jeisy Words Ka Use Karty Thy. Lekin Dosto Ab YouTube Nay Is Cheez Par Update Kiya Hai K Jab Bhi Koi Aisa Comment YouTube Ki Kisi Bhi Video K Nichay Kary Ga To YouTube Ussay Community Guidelines Strike Day Day Ga.

3.Community Tab:-
Dosto Community Tab K Hawaly Say YouTube Ka Yeh Kehna Hai K Community Tab Mein Phly To Jab Bhi Aap Koi Post Karty Thy To Wo Picture Full Show Hoty Thy. Lkin Dosto Update K Baad Ab Koi Bhi Pic Cropped Show Hoty Hai. Is Bary Mein YouTube Ka Kehna Hai K Aapko Square Size Ki Pic Upload Karny Hogy Jeisy (1080x1080, 720x720) Tub Aapki Pic Full Show Hogi.

4.YouTube Studio (New):-
Dosto YouTube Ki Traf Say Yeh Bhi Kehna Hai K Ab Aapko Creator Studio Old Wally Ko Good Bye Kehna Hoga. Kyun K Purany Studio Ki Jgah New Studio Nay Lay Li Hai. YouTube Ka Is Bary Mein Mazeed Yeh Kehna Hai K Old Creator Studio August K 1st Week Mein Disabled Kar Dya Jaye Ga Sabhi Creators K Liye Usky Baad Sabko New YouTube Studio Beta Use Karny Ho Milly Ga.

Dosto Agar Aapko Yeh Article Acha Laga Hoto Isko Aagay Share Karein..!!!

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YouTube New Rules & Policy
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YouTube Creator Studio Update
YouTube Community Guidelines Strike Update
June 14, 2019

Good News From YouTube | 3 New Updates | New Tool For Creators

"Good News From YouTube | 3 New Updates | New Tool For Creators"

About This Update:-
Hi Guys, Is Article mein man aako YouTube ki traf sy aany waly kuch new updates k bary mein btau ga. BTW Aapko btata chalu k youtube ab apny rules or policies ko lay kar bhot strict hota jaa raha hai. Jabsy 2019 Start hua hai tab sy YouTube ki traf sy update par update aa rahy hain. So, Ajj Hi YouTube Ki Traf Sy 3 New updates release Kiye gye joky nichay likhy gye hain.

     "Watch Our Video About These New YouTube Update"

1st Update:

YouTube Par Notification Ka Issue bhot purana hai Matlab k jab koi youtuber video upload karta hai to us k subscribers ko usky video ka notification nahi jata Tha Lekin Ab YouTube nay y cheez solve kar di hai Or ab sy new cheez introduce ki hai YouTube nay ab jo bhi "Bell Icon" click kary ga usko 3 options dikhein gy jis mein "All, Personalized & None" ka option hoga. All ko select karny say Creator k sabi notification viewer ko jaye gy. Personalized select karny sy sift kuch kuch important updates jayen gy Or None select karny sy koi bhi notification nhi mily ga.

2nd Update:
Dosto 2nd update mein YouTube ki traf sy new Tool Launch kiya gya hai jis ko use kar k Ab creators y bhi jaan skein gy k unky channel k kitny logon ny bell k icon par click kiya hai woh Bhi Percentage K Hisaab Sy. Is tool ki madad sy ab pata chally ga k kiny subscribers ny aapky channel k bell icon ko click kya hai or kiny subscribers nay nahi.

3rd Update:

Dosto, 3rd update nay youtube nay saaf saaf kaha hai k aap apni youtube videos mein "Bad Words" ko use nahi kar skty matlab kisi bhi trah ka bad work Or usky sath YouTube nay y bhi kaha hai k Aap kisi ko defame bhi nahi kar skty. Agar kisi nay aisa kiya to uski video ko down kiya jaye ga youtube ki traf sy or usky sath Usky channel ko bhi terminate kiya jaa skta hai.

So, Guys umeed kartein hain aapko Y three updates pasand ayein hogy.

youtube new updates
know bell icon ratio
youtube new tool
youtube notification issue solved
youtube introduced new tool for creators
March 13, 2019

YouTube Monetization New Update 2019 | Reused Content Policy Update

YouTube Monetization New Update 2019 | Reused Content Policy Update.

Hello Friends, In this article you will get to know what new news have been introduced to you by YouTube. Now see YouTube has updated a new update that you now have your own content Apart from this, YouTube also says that if you upload your content again and again, uploads your channel can also be removed from anytime. In addition to this, you can be copyrighted by people and you can fly people's channels apart from this, YouTube's CEO says we are like China Will also shut down the monetization, because its channel will not be monetized, the advertising will be cancelled on its channel, since its channel can be double and it does not have any distinction.



So, I Hope that you will now understand about this new update..!!!


February 20, 2019

Change in Community Guidelines Rules - Good News For Creators

Changes in Community Guidelines Rules - Good News For Creators By YouTube.

Hi Guys, In this article i will tell you about YouTube New Community Guideline Rule.

So, Guys you all guys know YouTube Is Changing Rules Every Single Day & Time. So, Community Guideline Is basically the YouTube New rule In Witch you have no any right to Post Sexuall Content, Hatefull Speach & Much More. So, this is Community Guideline Main Rule Of YouTube.

So, Guys if you don't want to read full article Then Check Out Our Complete Guide About New Update In [HINDI]..!!!

So, Guys YouTube Release Its new update. Team YouTube Says, That For the new creators When The new creators make some mistake first time Then, YouTube will forgive Him/Her channel for just 1st Time.. But 2nd Mistake your video will be removed & YouTube will give you strike... So, This Is main update..

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