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Wednesday, 18 September 2019

September 18, 2019

Parallax Intro Template | Free Intro Template | Animated Footage | Free Download

Parallax Intro Template | Free Intro Template | 3D Animated Footage | Free Download

Hello guys in this article I am going to give you an extra ordinary intro file and this intro is called as parallax effect so this is given by Syed Badshah Official for all of the editing lovers by using this file you can create or edit this file easily and make your own parallax intro easily by using Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe after effects and also using filmora 9 software actually this file is easily editable on filmora 9 but you can also use Adobe Premiere Pro as you want it should download this file from the download button below in this download package you can find many of the files about 5-6 files in this package this package include also green screen and also white screen picture the green screen picture is also used by Parallax effect if you are editing in filmora and also white background is also used in filmora if you are doing some stuff of Editing in filmora otherwise you can download it from the description from the download button by clicking the download button

Sample Screenshots

Top Highlighted Features:-
No Copyright Issue.
Free Of Cost.
5 Free Parallax Background.
Free Green Screen Background.
Free White Background.

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"Parallax Intro Template"

Sunday, 15 September 2019

September 15, 2019

IPhone 11: Why Are Some People Afraid Of The New iPhone?

IPhone 11: Why are some people afraid of the new iPhone?

Apple is known for its product design. Apple's new iPhone 11 is once again a combination of beauty and innovation, but some people are disgusted by the three circular cameras behind the phone. The reason for this is a mental condition called Tropophobia.

Tropophobia is the fear or disgust that can arise from looking at geometric patterns or jerks, especially many holes and many small rectangles.
Tropophobia hit the headlines on Tuesday with Apple's new product offering.

The most common example of tropophobia is fear generated by the seeds made in the lotus flower.
Professor Arnold Wilkins and Dr. Jeff Cole, two researchers at the University of Essex, believe that because of these shapes and patterns, some people may have a sense of hatred as part of their defense system.

Since the characteristics of many life-threatening animals, such as spiders, snakes, and scorpions, are similar, hatred is an evolutionary process that has to do with individual protection.
Although it cannot be diagnosed physically, it is also known as relapse pattern phobia.
An example of this is the appearance of three circular cameras mounted on the back of the new iPhone.

People with this condition did not feel threatened by previous models. A New York-based student first identified self-diagnosed incidents on a Facebook page in 2009,

The iPhone 8 or XR has only one rear camera and does not produce any strange patterns.

The iPhone 11 Pro and its Max Vision, however, come with three cameras that create a disturbing pattern for people with tropophobia.

The company's designers were clearly not thinking about this rare mental quality when adding more cameras to their flagship product.

In fact, the most unique thing about the launch of cameras for iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max is that they can record multiple videos at once.

Pro models include telephoto and ultra wide cameras, and there is a new feature in night mode, that means people can make photos in low light.

But they are a nightmare for people who have phobia of holes because their heartbeat is intense and sometimes they feel like vomiting or dizziness or their crouching.

So some people see this as a good reason not to buy a new model.

While others have commented on social networks what they see when they look at the back of a new iPhone.

When a user using Twitter saw the photos of the iPhone Pro, their effect was all these cameras. '

The reaction to seeing small holes can be extremely intense.

Even more so when several iPhones are displayed together to display a colorful presentation in the photo.

Dr. Jeff Cole, a researcher at the University of Essex, told the BBC: "We all (more or less) suffer from trauophobia, and so the way we manifest it depends on the degree to which we have it." '

It's not easy to avoid memes or news about Apple's offering on social media right now.
Fuzzy tropophobia is widely mentioned on Twitter and its images are always lively.
American horror story series actress Sarah Paul Sun and model Kendall Jenner are among those who say they suffer from tropophobia.
September 15, 2019

Apple Introduces iPhone 11 & 5 Watch Series

Apple Introduces iPhone 11 and Series 5 Watch

The well-known technology company Apple has introduced various models of the iPhone 11, which have more cameras than ever before, and its modern compatible processor works faster with less power.

The company says the battery on two newer models of the iPhone 10 Pro will work four to five hours longer than older models.
Apple has not launched the 5G model, while some say some other features are missing. Apple has also introduced a new version of the smart watch, which for the first time has the 'always-on' feature
The Series Five Watch is said to have a battery life of 18 hours.

The watch has a compass option as well as a titanium casing. It will also alert the wearer if the noise level around it rises to an alarming rate.

Apple says it will currently market the iPhone Series 3 model and will cost around US $ 199.

According to research firm IDC, Apple currently accounts for 49% of the global smart watch market.

Camera Features
One of the notable features of the new iPhone models is the 'Ultra Wide' rear camera with optical zoom at 200%.
The Pro models retain telephoto and normal lenses, while the iPhone 11 has only one ultra wide lens and standard lens.

Apple has also introduced a new Night Mode feature that will make the image brighter when needed, while also having the potential to reduce the digital noise created by doing so. Previously, Google, Samsung and Huawei have already introduced similar features in their handsets.

There is also a new feature called Deep Fusion. It is capable of taking nine pictures at a time and adding them to the pixel by pixel to give the best picture. Initially this feature will not be available, but it will be made available through a software before the end of the year.

Other new features include the ability to shoot slow motion videos with the front camera. The handset processor has also been upgraded.

Apple says its central processing unit and graphic processing unit are more powerful than Android phones. Similarly, the chip has been improved for better calculation of statistics.

The iPhone 11 is a bit cheaper than the previous XR and will cost from £ 729 to £ 879 in the UK. The iPhone 11 Pro models are more expensive than the XS that came before it and they cost from £ 1049 to £ 1499.
All these models will be available for sale in the market within the next ten days.

Saturday, 7 September 2019

September 07, 2019

Pakistani Experts Developed Plastic That Can Be Eaten - Plastic Bags Future

Pakistani Experts Work: Developed Plastic that Can Be Eaten

Have you ever looked around you? The mobile phone you're reading these lines on. Dinner on a plate or shopping bag that you bring in a month-long bargain from the Sadaf Market. Or the toys your kids play with. There is nothing in which plastic is not used.

But when plastic is disposed of after use, it does not pollute it by remaining in the environment for hundreds of years due to its specific structure.
Now a Pakistani has solved this problem and has developed a plastic that is not only biodegradable but can also be eaten.

Eco-friendly plastic
The idea of ​​manufacturing this unique plastic came to Dr. Anjum Nawab, Assistant Professor of Food Science and Technology at the University of Karachi. Dr. Anjum told the BBC that the term bio degradable and edible (which can be eaten) is used in the same sense today.

"In simple terms, if something is biodegradable, it means that when it is thrown away after use, the germs in the atmosphere will end it."

Dr. Anjum Nawab said that if germs can remove anything, then it can be used for human food as well.

'Plastic is made from ingredients extracted from natural commodities so it can be eaten. Such plastic can also be disposed of in warm water.

Unlike environmentally friendly plastics, plastics manufactured by petrochemicals cannot remove the germs present in the atmosphere, and the products produced remain in the environment for hundreds of years and cause pollution.

Enemy enemy plastic
It is estimated that 300 million tonnes of plastic is being added to the world every year, of which fifty percent is used only once.

Environmental expert Dr. Waqar Ahmed points out that Karachi, which is one of the few major cities in the world, produces about 15,000 tonnes of waste daily, of which more than fifty percent is plastic.

According to Dr Waqar Ahmed, it is made of plastic bottles, shopping bags and styrofoam items. Some of this waste is dumped into landfills while the rest of the river gets into the sea through the rivers and becomes fish food and then becomes part of the food chain and transmitted to humans.

Experts say the use of plastics is also increasing air pollution. Dr. Waqar Ahmad says that due to lack of proper disposal of waste, many people burn the garbage. Toxins from it are added to the atmosphere in the form of smoke and pollute the atmosphere.

'In addition to polythene bags, sewage drains are closed while plastic bags often block the drainage and waterways.'

Mango season
Dr. Anjum Nawab's PhD dissertation at the University of Karachi's Assistant Professor was on the manufacture of plastic made of natural commodities for the packaging of food and drink products.

"At that time the mango season was going on, so I thought why not experiment with the manufacture of bio-degradable and edible plastics from the mango kernel."

Mango is produced in Pakistan in large quantities and waste from processing plants is not used for any purpose other than animal feed.

Dr. Anjum Nawab points out that in the manufacture of plastic, the mango kernel is opened and the seed is extracted and then the starch or starch is extracted from the seed. The starch is then added to the plastic by the various ingredients.

Dr Anjum claims that efforts are being made to manufacture edible bio degradable plastics in different countries of the world, but the plastic produced at the University of Karachi is different because it is being manufactured from mango kernels.

Use of environmentally friendly plastic
Experts believe that edible bio degradable plastic can be widely used.

Dr. Anjum Nawab says that these plastic shopping bags can be manufactured. In addition, the plastic packaging used in food items can be replaced with plastic.

"When we saw the current aluminum packaging of spices changed from environmentally friendly plastics, their shelf life increased significantly."

Complete elimination of plastic
Environmental expert Dr. Waqar Ahmed says that it may take decades to completely eliminate the use of plastic, but even if its use is reduced, it will be a great success.

"Both the government and the public should reduce the use of plastics and rely on other means. For example, the use of cloth bags and glass bottles can replace traditional plastic. '

Dr. Anjum Nawab claims that edible bio degradable plastic can be a very viable alternative to concentrated plastic. She says the use of this plastic will not only reduce garbage scattered on the street but will also help control environmental pollution.

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Pakistan Banned Polythene Bags
Future Of Plastic Bags
Pakistani Scientists Developed New Shopping Bags
The Future Of Plastic Bags
Plastic That Can Be Eaten

Saturday, 31 August 2019

August 31, 2019

Social Media Icon Pack | PNG Format | Free Download

Social Media Icon Pack | PNG Format | Free Download

About This Social Media Icon Pack:-
Hi guys in this article I am going to give you social media icon pack using the social media icon pack you can easily put your icon like Facebook and Instagram icon as well as this pack also include Twitter icon so you can easily download this social media icon pack From the download button below you can also edit any of these other social media networks because it is zero copyrighted social media icon pack is not copyright protected so you can use it on any social media network without any copyright issue or copyright claim Thanks.

Copyright Policy:-
This icon pack is free to use. You can easily use these icons with any copyright issue or copyright claim.

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Social Media Icon Pack

Monday, 26 August 2019

August 26, 2019

WhatsApp Video Status App | AIA Project File | Trending App

WhatsApp Video Status App | AIA Project File | Trending App

Hello Friends, In this article you will get the free AIA Project File Of "Video Status Earning App". Basically this is an earning app's project file which is easily editable on Kodular You just need to download it from our website & import this AIA Project File in Kodular's Website. VIDEO STATUS EARNING APP is basically WhatsApp Status earning application included (Login, Referal, Firebase, Withdraw Money & Much More Features Included). You just need to watch our complete tutorial about how to edit & replace ad unit id's from this app then simply earn money online.

Watch Our Tutorial About How To Edit This AIA Project

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Video Status Earning App.Aia

Sunday, 25 August 2019

August 25, 2019

News: The Android Q Will Now Android 10 Some Official Updates

The Android Q Will Now Only Be Android 10

Google has finally revealed the last name of Android Q. This time the Android version has no name on sweets. Google has renounced the Android version in the name of sweets after 10 years. Android versions will now be known only by numbers. Android Cue is also now officially named Android 10.
Google says that before, users all over the world may not understand the name of the Android version.

At other times, in other languages, the Android version, the name of sweets, also meant something quite inappropriate. Likewise, many people did not understand that Android is a newer version or older version of Lolly Pop, KitKat. This is why Google has now increased the number of active Android devices to 2.5 billion worldwide. Has made the name of the easiest.
In addition to the name change, Google has also changed the Android logo. This Android logo has been painted black instead of green so that it can be easily read. The font of the logo text has also been changed and the color of the Android robot has changed.

Friday, 23 August 2019

August 23, 2019

Read WhatsApp Deleted Messages | WAMR Android App - Free Download

WAMR Android App - Free Download
Read WhatsApp Deleted Messages

Hi Guys, Ajj kay is article mein man aapko aik aisy Android app deny jaa raha hun jis ki madad say aap koi bhi deleted WhatsApp Message Ko Wapis laa sktein hain. Dosto is Application ki khas baat yeh hai k is ki madad say aap na sirf WhatsApp Balky is k ilawa Instagram, Facebook Messenger Or Baqi Sabhi Social Apps Kay Deleted Message Ko Wapis Laa Skty Hai. Is App Ko Download Karny K Liye Nichay Diye Gye Download Button Par Click Kary.

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3.Multi Social Apps.

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Dosto Yeh App Apko Syed Badshah Official Ki Janib Say Free Mein Di Jaa Rahy Hai. Isky Andr Kisi Bhi trah Ki Purchase License Ki Zarorat Nahi Hogi.

2.Auto Deleted Tracking:-
Dosto Is App Ki Khas Baat Yeh Hai K Agar Aap Is App Ko 1 Baar Phone Mein Install Karlo To Usky Baad Ye App Apky Automatically Deleted Message Ko Track Karky Save Rakhy Gi.

3.Multi Social Apps:-
Dosto Yeh App Na Sirf WhatsApp Balky Sabhi Social Apps Ko Support Karty Hai. Means Kay Yeh App Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp & Also Instagram Sabhi Ko Support Karty Hai. Ab Is App Ko Install Karny K Baad Aapko Deleted Messages Ki Tention Leny Ki Zarorat Nahi Hogi.

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Thursday, 22 August 2019

August 22, 2019

WhatsTrack Activity Tool For Android/iOS - Free Download

WhatsTrack Activity Android App - Free Download

Hi Guys, Ajj kay is article mein man aapko aik aisy Android app deny jaa raha hun jis ki madad say kisi k bhi WhatsApp ko check kar sktein hain. Mery kehny ka matlab yeh hai k Agar aap parents hain or aap apny bachon par nazar rakhna chahty hain to yeh app aap k liye Sab say best hai. Is app ka Khass feature yeh bhi hai k Aap is app ki wjah say kabhi bhi kahi bhi yeh jaan skty hain k Aapky Bachy, Girlfriend Or Boyfriend Kis time online hua kis time offline hua phir chahy unhon nay apna Last Seen Off Bhi Kiya Ho. Is App Ko Download Karny K Liye Nichay Diye Gye Download Button Par Click Kary.

Top Highlighted Features:-
1.Free Of Cost.
2.Last Seen Saver.
3.Track Activity.

1.Free Of Cost:-
Dosto Yeh App Apko Free Of Cost Di Jaa Rahy Hai. Lekin Yaad Rahy Yeh App Sirf Education Purpose K Liye Hai. Is K Ilwaya Is Kay Galat Use Par Hum Zimadaar Hon Gay.

2.Last Seen Saver:-
Dosto Is App Ka Yeh Bhi Faida Hai K Yeh Kisi Ka Bhi Last Seen Save Kar Lety Hai. To Ab Aapko Pata Lagta Rahy Ga K Kon Kab Online Hua Or Kab Offline Hua.

3.Track Activity:-
Dosto Yeh App Aik Trah Say Aapko Yeh Allow Karty Hai K Aap Kisi Ki Bhi Activity Ko Track Kar Skty Hain.

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Wednesday, 21 August 2019

August 21, 2019

WhatsApp Beta Users Can Now Use Fingerprint To Unlock App

WhatsApp Beta Users Can Use Fingerprints To Unlock The App

The most-used messaging app WhatsApp has introduced a new feature for Android users to authenticate.
In February this year, WhatsApp added support for Apple's fee ID for iOS users. Now this feature has also been released for Android users. Now WhatsApp Beta Android users will be able to unlock the app with fingerprint scanner.

If you are using WhatsApp beta version 2.19.83 then this feature can be enabled by setting.
To enable this feature, open the Android Surfin 'Whats app and open the menu with the top right corner. Now tap on Setting and go to Account option. Here you will see the Privacy option. Tap on it. Scroll down and go to the Fingerprint Lock option. This by default will be disabled. Toggle it on. The WhatsApp will then ask you to touch the fingerprint sensor. The WhatsApp will then ask you when the WhatsApp is locked. You can set the time from 1 minute to 30 minutes.

How To Unlock WhatsApp By Fingerprint Scanner
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August 21, 2019

Is It Possible To Change The Sent Messages From WhatsApp??

Error transforming messages sent via the WhatsApp

Many of us may have had the experience of telling someone something and spreading it through your name with a spicy spice. And when those things from different people come back to your ears, you might not even recognize that these were really your words.
And if you thought this would be difficult to do with text messaging in this age of technology, there is no need to be so confident as researchers have discovered a security flaw within the popular mobile chat app 'WhatsApp'. Which allows one word of your message to be transmitted to your name.

A team from a cyber security firm called 'Check Point' recently demonstrated how their quoted toolkit completely changed the message quoted within the toolkit. Maybe someone said what they didn't really say.

Researcher Ovid Wynnow told the BBC that with this tool, 'malicious people' could fully influence conversations on the platform.

Facebook, on the other hand, declined to comment to the BBC on the matter.

Black Hat, a cyber security conference in Las Vegas, demonstrated the software that this company can use to address these flaws.

This tool was based on a research article published last year by the Check Point team.

Researchers say the error can be used to create and report false news.

When you replay someone's message with a quote, with this tool you can change the letter of the message to make it look like someone else's message was actually something else.

In addition to this tool, the identity of the sender can be changed so that a message can be attributed to another person.

Researchers identified a third error that could have led a person to deceive that they were private message to someone while in fact their message was being sent to a group.
This third error has been dealt with by Facebook. Remember that WhatsApp is also owned by Facebook.
But according to Winno, Facebook says that due to 'technical limitations' other flaws cannot be fixed.

Facebook told researchers that because of the technology WhatsApp uses to keep messages confidential, it is almost impossible for a company to monitor a message and prevent a change in someone's message.
Researchers were told that solutions to the flaws highlighted could make the use of this app difficult.

When the BBC asked the researchers why they issued a tool that could ease the misuse of the error, they defended themselves and said that they hoped to do so.
Winnow said: 'WhatsApp accounts for 30% of the world's population, or about one and a half billion people, so this is our responsibility. Forwarding lies and changing messages is a big problem. '

The spread of false news via the WhatsApp is a very worrisome situation around the world, especially in countries like India and Brazil, where false information has led not only to violence, but to death.
After severe criticism, WhatsApp made some changes to its platform to prevent the spread of misinformation, limiting the number of times a message could be forwarded.